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dcdave 04-28-2009 09:38 PM

Need MD Wrangler soft top shop
My zipper pull came off on Saturday and when trying to put it back on I broke it on Sunday. So I came here to see what I needed to do and I went on Monday to an upholstery place and got the #10 black zipper pull.

The guy cut the stop off the right side of the soft top zipper and then slid the pull on backwards and moved it around to the left side and then put a new stop over on the right.

He didn't charge me and so I gave him a $20 and thanked him. It looked good yesterday so I didn't mess with it until tonight.

Wouldn't you know it did not work. I was able to get it started zipping with the rear window but it was tight. I used silicone which made it a little easier but as I zipped I noticed the teeth weren't meshig so it was not working and still will not work.

So what now? Have a whole new zipper sewn into the top and onto the back window to match (the guy said it has probably shrunk and will most likely be a problem) or do I look at getting a new top or just go with a used hard top.

I am so disgusted with it right now I'd sell it for the right offer (kidding sorta) but we are gonna get rain the next 3 days. I have my bbq grill cover half assed in there to stop the rain from getting in some but I can't drive it like that LOL.

What about a shop in MD that specializes in Wrangler soft top issues? I am really desperate now.


David in DC

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