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05ljman 09-18-2013 04:11 PM

need some help here
Hey guys.. I have a LJ with 31/10.5's, with the stock wheels. The stock wheels are cool, but I just want to put something a little better on. I am between Cragar soft 8s, and Mickey classic III's. i have a lot of questions so I'll just list them.
1. What is backspacing and how do I make sure that the wheels do not come out past the flares? I think that looks dumb. Like I want the positioning of the tire and wheel in the same location as stock, so what backspacing should that be?
2. On a 2005 Jeep TJ/LJ, what is the bolt pattern? I have no idea what that is on my rig.
3. What are the advantages/disadvantages for steel wheels, and aluminum wheels?
4. How long will it take, if at all, for steel wheels to rust? And how long will it take for the aluminum to pit, and chip?
5. What do you recommend compound-wise? Steel or Aluminium?

Thanks guys.. I know this is a lot, but I know about as much about wheel tech as my girlfriend knows about my Jeep in general...:bop:

squirrel792 09-19-2013 01:22 PM

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This is a -22 off set w/ 3.5 back spacing on my jk sport. Factory fenders. My tires come out just a little past the out side. Maybe a 1.5" past my fender

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