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rkulbet 05-04-2009 12:42 PM

2.5L Intake bolting requirements
I have a 97 Wrangler which I just removed the Intake/Exhaust manifolds on. Problem is I noticed that someone had previously been here and didn't put back the correct bolts washers etc. Does anyone know the proper parts for reattaching the intake manifold? Exploded view picture would be great.

Jma20a 05-04-2009 02:41 PM

you can always go to the dealership to get the correct parts.

rkulbet 05-07-2009 07:12 AM


Originally Posted by Jma20a (Post 366769)
you can always go to the dealership to get the correct parts.

I went to the dealership as you suggested and ended up with about 20$ worth of bolts, bellville washers, studs and a few plastic spacers that go on the end studs that I wouldn't have known about. Seems the previous owner must have had this worked on before and had bolts where studs should be and stacked flat washers due to bolts being to long etc.. I have it back to what came from the factory now, it starts up and runs quiet, hope it lasts!

Jma20a 05-07-2009 11:57 AM

$20 isn't bad coming from a dealership, i would have guessed around $40.

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