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catITguy 05-04-2009 05:41 PM

Death wobble, sorry for another post, looking for advice...
I have a case of death wobble, it is only bad after hitting a bump above about 45mph. Then it shakes badly.

I have it in the shop right now (2000 Sport 4.0 auto, 32" tires) and they supposedly cant find anything wrong with the alignment, so they are balancing tires.

According to their service bulletin, the next thing they want to do is replace my steering stabilizer(?), about $200+/- installed. Based on everything I have read it seems the stabilizer would only mask the problem, not solve it, so I am tempted to pay them for what they have done (not much - test drive and balance tires) and take it somewhere that will give a rats backside and work with me, as the shop it is at now pretty much reads the service warranty like the bible - the guy kept referencing it over and over regardless of what I said. Also would hate to spend the $$ on the stabilizer, drive it and be right back where i started, less the money.

Thoughts? Its just at a generic auto repair shop now (wont be going back there), guess a Jeep dealer or off road store (if there is even one in the area) would be my next step.

I guess I could print off some articles from the internet about death wobble and bring them in as evidence that I have at least done some research on the topic and put some backing to my claim that the stabilizer will simply mask, not fix the problem.

Sorry for rambling/ranting. Hopefully you guys can help me get this figured out - Im getting frustrated, I love riding around in the jeep but the death wobble sure puts a big damper on the fun factor!

RatherBNarizona 05-04-2009 05:55 PM

wait wait wait
$200 to install a steering stablizer? Are you kidding me?
Go down to Checker (or wherever) and get one, I got mine for $35 and installed it myself with a buddy of mine.
The only solution I had to fix the DW was to have my buddy do my lift for me lol
Good luck, get it fixed ASAP, I kept procrastinating on it until I drove off the road one day

snwchris 05-04-2009 07:56 PM

WTF $200 for a stabilizer... BS go to autostore and get one for $40-$75 depending what brands are carried. I would not pay them to change that.

DW have been beaten to death here, check the search function.

But off hand start checking the following:
Trackbar Bolts, both axle end & frame end, check bushings as well
Control Arm Bolts Frame & Axle end, physically put a wrench on it and check bushings
Steering Stabilizer check the bolts to see if loose and check bushings.
Ball Joints, jack up front and grab tire by top & bottom and rock to see if you get any excesive play.

azlenny 05-04-2009 08:17 PM

i had this issue and if you turn the wheel back and forth you may see the track bar bolt rocking back and forth if its tight than what you need to do is weld a hardned washer to keep that bolt under control
(this is if the bushings are good) if its the bushings (get the poly ones)replace them.12.99 is what it cost me in parts and one burn from the welder not to bad. no DW now that i did those two steps. also check your shocks along with all nuts bolts you will find its cheaper to fix yourself took me ten mins to change stabilizer and 45 bucks for a ranchero.

azlenny 05-04-2009 08:20 PM

btw some people will get hurt feelings when a question is asked so many times what i would do is ignore them and most real jeepers will help you no matter how many times we have been asked the same question

snwchris 05-04-2009 08:29 PM

I know what you mean as well, thats why I pointed in the direction of things to look at, but as well using the search function too. Sometimes there are things missed and in a previous post something else might have been found as a fix as well.


Atthehop 05-04-2009 08:47 PM

My 04 started to do the DW again once it got warm out. Checked all the steering components and eveything is fine. Replaced the stablizer with the TSB one a couple of years ago since it was real cheap and I think it's shot again. Ordered a HD one on line for 58 bucks and will put it on to see if it's better. Since it was fine until the weather warmed up it must be that. My co workers car is bouncing a lot since it warmed up so the weather must affect worn shocks/struts. Just my opinion with 40 years in the automotive business.

4Jeepn 05-04-2009 09:23 PM

See what happens after the tires are setup right. I know you said 32's, how much lift and what kind? Stock arms after market etc. Check track bar as stated. Also check tie rod ends.

catITguy 05-04-2009 09:45 PM

Well based on responses I think I will drive it here and order a stabilizer/dampener on line. Id feel a lot better off only being down $50ish if the stabilizer doesnt help. It looks like something even I should be able to install (knock on wood).

1BLKJP 05-05-2009 03:27 AM


Originally Posted by catITguy (Post 367161)
Well based on responses I think I will drive it here and order a stabilizer/dampener on line. Id feel a lot better off only being down $50ish if the stabilizer doesnt help. It looks like something even I should be able to install (knock on wood).

To you the Steering Stabilizer will help mask the issue. However as someone stated before give all of the bolts up front a good tightening. Odds are it is the trac bar bolt on the axle end. Balanced tires are important, but not as important as the trac bar being loose.

Bob Brown 05-05-2009 11:23 PM

2005 Jeep Wrangler DW casued by excessive CASTER...
Get your alignment done and make sure the Caster is as spec. Mine increased +4 degrees or so above spec. My toe also changed fron the coil spring spacers being installed. Get the alignment checked. I bet you will find the readings are no longer within tolerance.

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