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khunt8211 05-04-2009 09:05 PM

hood dents and service shops!?
So I just picked up my Jeep from the shop and I pulled over to the gas station. I walked around to open the hood and check out the engine - just in case - and I noticed that there's a dent about the size of the head of a wrench in the hood on the driver side right over the brake fluid (like they left the wrench inside when they shut the hood)!!! :mad: Everything else seems fine and this is the first time I've used this shop. I called the shop and they want me to bring it by tomorrow to take a look at it. I'm sure it was an accident and everything, but I feel like they are definitely on the hook for it - although they can probably just deny and it's not like I have any proof. Also - from my experience, this isn't going to go away with a "dent doctor". So I remind myself that it's a Wrangler, but hood dents are different... I mean I see it every time I look at the road! So what should I expect from these guys??? Any recommendations about how to get it out - should I just ask for cash and try to fix it myself or live with it? What would you do?

jgano23 05-04-2009 09:09 PM

that is a tough one. i would bring it to them tomorrow and see what they are willing to do. they may own up to it and get it fixed. i would see how they handle it first.

rrich 05-04-2009 09:39 PM

Definitely give them a chance to put it right. They have insurance for that type of thing.

azlenny 05-04-2009 09:45 PM

my thought is if they dont own up to it the only thing you can do is be glad you didnt do what i did to my hood. the top of the windsheild is imprinted into the hood from like 45 mph impact.

KBR97 05-04-2009 10:27 PM

at least give them a chance to do good on it.
If they deny it and try to @#$% you, thats when you throw a brick threw the window....hehehe

jbone303 05-06-2009 11:53 PM

so what happened?

khunt8211 05-09-2009 11:03 PM

Sorry for the delay here... things have been out of control. Anyway - took the Jeep in the next day - Tuesday this week - and the service manager was quick to greet me. He checked it out and brought the tech out that worked on it. The tech took it back and tried his best to make it look better, but it's still pretty obvious. Turns out he admitted to using a hood prop - he didn't know the hood lays back on the windshield - and I guess it either fell or he shut it on it. Anyway the service mgr. said he knows it's still an issue and said he'll make sure I'm happy. He had me go over to a body shop that they use all the time and send other customers to to get a quote. Body shop says it'll be 95% fixed with a $75 dent repair they can do, or they can completely fix it and repaint 50% of the hood for $300 (or $475 to do the whole hood and make it look more uniform- not to mention that the hood had been repainted before by previous owner, apparently a shoddy job - I can see it fading now, after looking closely with the body shop guy). Body shop agrees that the service center will probably cover the $300. So finally - Talked to the service manager to get it worked out and he's been putting me off - told me he'd call Wed. to tell me what they can do - either pay for repair or credit for future service work maybe. It's now Saturday and he hasn't called back.... I'll keep you posted. I plan on calling Monday to follow up.:banghead:

pyro 05-09-2009 11:08 PM

Damn Stealerships

KBR97 05-09-2009 11:10 PM

now he realized its gonna be a couple $$$ out of his pocket he's gonna try to give you the runaround probably. Do your best to get the dent pulled and the whole thing repainted. Might as well, hes paying.
you just gotta be up this guys ass if he tries to blow you off, call him everyday, dont give him a second to breathe.

meyers 05-09-2009 11:35 PM

You have won half the battle the admitted liability. Hopefully they will come around.

jpoutlaw 05-10-2009 08:10 AM

keep on them.....

if you just keep getting voicemail, just leave a message saying "since you obviously don't want to talk to me about this, I'll have no alternative to turn this over to my attorney, which is not what I want to do. However, I do want my hood fixed and you are leaving me with no other options. Please call me back so we can finalize this issue and move forward. Thanks".

That will spur a call back plus you're threatening them "nicely".

jbone303 05-11-2009 04:44 PM

I have found that a call will get you no where. Get in your dingged up jeep and go down there and and ask him whats up. You catch more flies with honey but stand your ground. And why in the hell would you want credit for more work done when they dont even man up and tell you they messed up your car. No they waited to see if you would notice. Kind of a little punk move if you ask me.I dont think i would even refer my ex wife there..... Yeah I would.

06jeep 05-11-2009 07:23 PM

I'd take it somewhere else get it fixed and have the bill sent to them. Maybe that will get their attention.

njatrtljp 05-11-2009 07:35 PM

Dont forget that even though he is the service manager he still has a boss too. Get them involved if you have to.

Jerry Bransford 05-11-2009 07:59 PM

Don't accept a credit for future work, get them to fix the hood. A $300 credit would be a lot cheaper for them and it wouldn't fix the dent THEY caused. Tell the service manager up front that you're not interested in any kind of a credit, that you will only accept them fixing the damage they caused. $300 isn't going to kill them, he's just trying to minimize his cost which is in his best interest, not yours.

khunt8211 05-13-2009 10:13 PM

Ok - got another update. So as expected all the "promised" returned phone calls haven't happened, but fortunately I'm able to get a hold of him at least when I call. Service manager said - "I have to get with my tech and see what he's going to do". So I ask what that means, since he is the service manager and wouldn't it be him making the call? Then he tells me that the service tech that damaged it is the one paying for it. I asked about them having insurance for that type of thing out of interest and he said they have a $1000 deductible, so they require the techs to be responsible for "negligence." So then he tells me that he thinks the tech might want me to get another quote! I told him that wouldn't be happening as I don't have time for that and I just want it done. He's supposed to set something and follow up at lunch tomorrow. We'll see about that. I definitely won't be considering an "equal cost credit" ... but I might talk to them about them just paying me cash - or having the tech pay me the cash... I'll keep updating when I have new info. Thanks for the responses. This is dragging on too long already!

n8smitty 05-13-2009 10:20 PM


Originally Posted by 06jeep (Post 370903)
I'd take it somewhere else get it fixed and have the bill sent to them. Maybe that will get their attention.


Make the shop and the tech work it out on their own time.

njatrtljp 05-13-2009 11:13 PM

If they keep fighting you on it you should go and demand a check from the dealership, they can do that after all. Then just tell them to garnish the tech wages to make up for the cost. They will open an accounts receivable on him through thier payroll. Thay way you get your money right away and they can deal with him paying them back for it.

MOz 05-14-2009 06:50 AM

IMO - Send them a registered receipt letter and address it to the owner of the establishment. Include your description of the incident and cite the conversations you had with the management. In a nice way, explain your frustration and intentions to elevate this case to small claims court and you are willing to give the establishment an opportunity to reconcile the issue in the next (5) business days.

After you mail the owner a copy, I would hand deliver a copy tot he shop manager and let him know you are still willing to work things out but you are now going to his management.

If they fail to honor the claim, then take them to court.

Maybe we will see you on Judge Judy>

BARKDOG67 05-14-2009 08:26 AM

Have you spoke with your insurance company about this

khunt8211 05-14-2009 11:11 PM

Good advice here. I'm not ready to push it to the owner yet. It's not a dealership actually, it's a local auto shop. The service manager is pretty much #2 at this place, so far as I can tell. I will say that he's been terrible at returning calls, but he is working on it. I'm not in a huge hurry or anything, I just want to make sure it's not forgotten. He knows where I'm at, and if it takes more than another 2 weeks to have it completely fixed and done with, I'm going to be in a different mood. He told me today he's worked out a deal with the paint/dent repair shop to get it in there soon. They want me to leave it there 3 days to do it so I told them I'll need a loaner. They are going to get me one - at their cost - and they want to make it as short of a time in the shop as possible, so the service mgr. told me they're going to try to get it in next week - hoping that they'll only have to have it in there 2 days. Service mgr has been friendly about it and understanding, just bad at returning calls.... for some reason - and I might be too trusting here - but I have faith they're going to do it right. --- good point about calling the insurance co.--- didn't even think about that.

chevytech 05-25-2009 08:50 PM

Dealerships are expensive but your getting someone that knows exactly how your vehicle works. You are also getting someone that has actually had training on the vehicles that they are working on. Not someone that thinks the have a clue. In the end you spend time and money letting a small garrage try to fix your baby.

ygohome 05-25-2009 10:31 PM

If it were me I'd just ask for $50 and call it even. Then I'd use the money to buy a full tank of gas and a few beverages and go jeeping :)

khunt8211 06-11-2009 10:14 PM

Finally resolved... after waiting for two weeks for them to schedule me a time to take it in and have it fixed I told them to just give me the cash. Got $300 out of it, and I don't really think I'm going to spend it on getting the dent fixed at this point. Too many other options...

B86W05 06-12-2009 02:08 AM

im glad to here its finally resolved that took long enough

jtalar 06-12-2009 02:57 PM

I would have driven mah rig through their front window by now....whooops or better yet over the hood of the service managers ride...:firedevil:

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