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Beowulf 05-05-2009 10:33 AM

Clutch Override or Ignition Switch: Starting Issue
Clutch Override or Ignition Switch: Starting Issue

This is on a 2006 Unlimited Rubicon.

I have been having a strange occurrence while starting the jeep. It is not consistent but often it will not turn over when I switch on the ignition. Sometime I turn the key and nothing happens, but then after a second of holding the key in place it will turn over. I can tell that the clutch sensor is extremely close to when in the clutch is full depressed because if I even remotely let out on the clutch so it is not jammed against the fire wall it will not turn over at all.

Most of the time it is not duplicatable if I turn the ignition off and retry. I have tested this while in 4L and the jeep starts without issue.


Is this the Clutch override switch?
Has anyone heard of the switch going bad?
Could this be the ignition switch? (I only have two keys on my key ring and no fob)
Can it come loose and just need tightened?

jbone303 05-06-2009 11:49 PM

i had the same problem with my jeep. Its a 98 but they might be built the same. There is a small piece of plastic that acts as conector between the tumbler and ignition switch. Only prob is that they dint sell it and its a plastic p. o. s. I had to buy a tilt steering column on ebay for 40 bucks just to get that piece.

WranglerNole 05-07-2009 01:06 PM

Hey wulf I've had the same problem on an 05. Try this. Under the hood in the fuse box there should be an empty
Fuse hole that says clutch overide. Something along those lines. Yet putting a fuse in to overide having
To depress the clutch. If this turn out to be the problem you can order a new overide switch from your
Local dealer. Stick your head up under the dash and you can see what the part looks like.

Jerry Bransford 05-07-2009 01:19 PM

Install the clutch safety switch override fuse as WranglerNole describes and forget it. Clutch interlocks are a recent thing anyway, it was the lawyers that made the factories start installing them because some people have forgotten how to think for themselves and the government wants to wrap bubble-wrap around everything that might conceivably harm the inattentive.

My TJ's clutch interlock was bypassed the first weekend I had my new TJ at home back in '96. If my late mother, grandmother and great grandmother could all learn to drive manual transmissions without a clutch interlock switch, then we Jeepers should be capable of that too. :)

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