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mswilder 09-17-2006 12:09 PM

major problems
ok my jeep kinda just sprung a leak, and going to fix it turned it to a $400 job. heres the story, then i have a question. but my brake line on the drive side front blew out and i had no brakes coming home the other night. well i took off the tire to find the point of explosion and found that the brakes them selves need to be changed anyways (lookes like they have never been changed and turned since 97). well pulled the calpiers and roters off and the end axel berring housing was extremly loose. to make it better it was loose on both sides. well since we are doing the brakes lets do the rear brakes get the tires off and go for the drum, yes the e brake is off, and the drums are stuck on well we beat on them for about 20 min with a rubber mallet with no luck. They drum where rusted on so i got a spreader and pushed the drum and it busted in half before it came off because they were so rusted and weak(this happened on both sides). well get down to the parts store and here is the list of items I need just to get the tires back on the ground.
2 front roters $24ec $48
2 rear drums $45ec $90
set of pads $16 $16
set of shoes $28 $28
2 rear spring kits $8ec $16
2 caliper kits $14ec $28
2 outer axel barring houses $109ec $218
total $444

and the sad part i am not done i dont know what kind of conditon the rear axels are in because i didnt get the springs and shoes off yet. and here is my question, the brake line is still busted, where can i get the metal brake lines that go from the master cyl to the frame by the tire. and hopefully its not too much. thanks for your help

Odhinn 09-17-2006 12:33 PM

You should be able to get the metal lines bulk at your local parts store. They are straight and need to be bent into position. I would use a tube bender for that so the lines don't kink on you.

Fapple 09-17-2006 01:08 PM

Odhinn is right. you can get it bulk at any car parts place for $5 - $7 for a 40"-50" piece (with 2 fittings) I suggest that you also buy a double flairing tool ($25) because what ever length you need the piece you buy will always be 10" too long.


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