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snwchris 05-08-2009 09:10 PM

Anyone Build a Engine Skid Yet???
Was curious to see if anyone built an engine skid yet. After crawling around under the Jeep today, I saw that the trany has some harsh rock rash and seeing if anyone has built one vs. bought.


flattietj 05-08-2009 11:53 PM

the problem with a skid plate that covers the tranny is that you have to put a big notch in it for the drive shaft.....i have a skid that covers my tranny back to the tailshaft of my tcase but it took alot of fork lift testing and taking back of to notch it where it needed to be to not break the drive shaft and still ge tthe coverage that trojan claims to offer

spanky 05-09-2009 12:03 AM

this is what i have

TeraFlex TJ Wrangler BellyUp Skid Plate

no "engine skid" but along with a steering box skid, oil pan skid, this protects some things underneath.

flattietj 05-09-2009 12:34 AM

just reading this guys s%%t list i think he has his stuff that skid plate instead of dealing with the headache that i did....ive had a couple of buddys that have bought em and they love em so ill take him as a third vote....alot less work then building your own.....i had 12 hours in building my skid plate

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