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Joltes 05-09-2009 09:15 PM

Soft top warranty question/problem
I have an 08 2 door with a sunrider soft top. When I went to take out the windows for its first full top down ride, I found that the rear window zipper was misaligned, not allowing either zipper to pass over the flaw. I took it back to the dealer and they ordered a new top and rear window. I took it in for replacement, and when I got home that evening with the new top, I noticed that the replacement top doesn't seem to be as good of quality. The original had long plastic inserts in the rear corners that stiffened the canvas, and also had Velcro at the bottom of the rear window on both sides where the zipper ends were, to help keep out the weather. Also it is getting a LOT more wind noise at both front top corners of the windshield.

Does anyone know if there are two different "qualities" of soft top that comes from the factory? Could they have ordered the wrong one? I don't know if sailcloth was an option, but it wasn't listed on my window sticker. I was under the impression that all of them were made by Bestop, but I am not sure of that now. The dealership is closed on the weekend, so I haven't got to discuss this matter with them yet, and I am looking for information from the forum to be prepared to argue when I do.

Joltes 05-11-2009 08:36 PM

*update.* The service guy told me that Jeep changed the part number of the soft top, and that it is the only one that is the replacement for it. He didn't know why, and I have to go in for an appointment to see about the poor alignment of the top to the windshield corners.

stevens243 05-11-2009 08:47 PM

Sounds to me like they removed your "good" OEM sailcloth soft top and replaced it with some cheap aftermarket junk.

The parts guy is screwing you (IMO) :)

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