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BIMBY 05-12-2009 06:23 PM

wobble saga continues
Have the wobbles..........thought alignment would correct it did not. Dealer blames my American Racing Outlaw rims with 3.75 back spacing and stock goodyear tires. Tells me to put on stock rims thinking I don't have them because I had mentioned that I had sold them. My bud has such rims in his shed. The wobble is much more violent. I bring it back. Now they see it finally......they..... yes ..........the dealer tells me it is NOT safe. And they ordered me a new track bar. I hope this works. I had been laying under it and had someone move the wheel and you can see the slack in the bushing about 3/4 of a inch. I had read that on this forum. And that is even I worked it over with a persuasion pipe and wrench. I will let you other wobble suffer's know how it turns out. Also there is just a track bar bushing that can be bought from the dealer it is like 22 bucks:

1BLKJP 05-12-2009 06:33 PM

Hell even if it's under warranty I'd still have them just put a new bushing in it before they had to order a new trac bar. Probably have the bushing in stock.

When you were watching it could you see movement in the joint at the frame end as well as the axle end? Or was it just the bushing side of the trac bar?

BIMBY 05-12-2009 06:38 PM

it is under the warranty still until july 11.........its gonna live there each and every week until its fixed. the new track bar is free..........and to answer your question it was moving on the axle end alot.. I love this thing but the wobbles are really a bummer

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