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DallanG 05-12-2009 08:49 PM

Found The Problem With My Gauges
I had one of the mechanics look at my gauge cluster today. I was having the problem where my airbag light would come on & the gauges would stop working. I was going to have him replace the plug that was normally replaced under the recall,but when he got the cluster out, there was a ground cable on the right side that was connected to the piece of metal behind the cluster, but was not connected to anything at the other end. He Connected it to the steering column. He also added two more grounds. He spliced into the black/light green ground wire in both of the plugs that plug into the back of the cluster, & ran a wire from each plug to the same piece of metal that the other ground cable is on. Seems to work ok so far. It is at the trans shop now, to have the shifting issue looked at & to have all of the driveling fluids changed. I'll take the cluster out again when I get it back & I'll post a picture of the grounds that he made.

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