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w8lifter21 05-14-2009 09:50 AM

General question about brush guards, bumpers, tail light protectors
I have a close friend who just picked up an '09 2 door and is itching to start changing things. She has enlisted my help in picking out some aftermarket goodies, but I'm clueless as to who are the tried and true "go to" or leaders in the jeep world. Myself coming from the import scene and auto-xing a miata, it it is a veerry different world over here!

That being said, I've done a decent amount of searching, and have seen ALOT available, but like my miata, am afraid of buying her parts that are more form than function. Don't get me wrong, she wants it to look good, but she doesn't want a brush guard that is mainly for looks.(if there is such a thing). Will she be going muddin? Not in downtown Chicago she isn't! She honestly wants a brush guard and rear bumper to keep people from hitting her jeep in the city lol!

Suggestions as to which companies/businesses generally make or sell "the good stuff"? :)

Hilldweller 05-15-2009 08:19 AM

You can't go wrong with AEV, ARB, Schrockworks, LOD, Warn, Orfab, RedRock Fab, & Poly Performance.
Rugged Ridge makes some that are a la carte; and Smittybuilt makes things that usually break pretty easily and rust at the welds.

I wouldn't waste time putting a brushguard on the stock bumper; the bumper is a weak link to begin with.

Take the time to look around on this site, Jeepforum, Expedition Portal,, etc. Don't rush into it. Get to know the culture, the features, the benefits of mods.
After all, one mod often begets another. A heavier bumper will cause the front end to sag --- now you've got to add a spacer on the springs, add a lift, or put a bumper on the back.
It goes on and on.

jgano23 05-15-2009 08:26 AM

here are some good links to check out

rusty's off road
rocky road outfitters

w8lifter21 05-15-2009 12:47 PM

Perfect, thanks for the info! I didn't realize changing the entire front bumper would cause the front end to dip down that much. These aftermarket brush guards....they just bolt to the bumper and not the frame itself? I see how they would be flimsy or weak.

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