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itsmyjeep 09-20-2006 09:56 PM

Hard top noise, and door whistle...
Ok... I thought the hard top was supposed to be quiet(er), but I seem to get a fair bit of wind noise on the passengers side... and the drivers door is sort of "off" it's alignment since right at the window bend at the back of the door, it seems to whistle a little bit ( of course getting worse the faster I go). It is a full door so...I can see the gap sometimes from the seal to the hard top. not sure the best way to either lift that end of the door, or pull it in tighter?
I am not exspecting a lexus-noisefree-ride, it is a jeep, with no carpet or power steering so...
Thanks for your help

racer-xerols 09-21-2006 09:58 PM

Try adjusting the door catch in towards the center of the Jeep, pulling the door in further when it closes. Or try rolling the window down (this is a VERY important first step) and bending the window channel inwards a bit. Not too far as to crack the paint/metal or make the window hard to close, but enough that it sits in a bit further than the rest of the door. I did that on my half doors and it works pretty well. Barring that....foam tape or new weatherstripping. Best silencer I ever did in my Jeep: got the whole damn thing Line-X coated, firewall to tailgate. Carpet? Nah. Just hose it out :) I did it for utility, but was absolutely amazed at how quiet it made it. Half doors and a soft top, and we can have a normal conversation going down the highway.

daddyjeep 09-25-2006 11:15 AM

There is also a fair amount of slop in the holes where the door hinge meets the body. You can loosen the bolts a bit and move the door around a bit.

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