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superdave 05-21-2009 09:22 PM

new Jeep..Dana 35 and tires size questions? I'm a newb!
Hey all...for those of you who know me...I purchased an 06 SE 4 banger about a month and a half ago...well, after a whole lot of problems that arose with the wrangler the dealer took it back. Looking into the future now...I'm purchasing a 2003 X 4.0L, automatic trans...all stock. I've seen so many threads on here advocating a lot of accessories, lockers, SYE, driveshaft this, long arm that...etc...etc. Queue head explosion!! Ahh! :)
I'm just looking to do light to moderate off crawling, no crazy stuff, just some medium trails and maybe some mudding.
What can I get away with here? Will 33 inch tires be fine with a 3.25 inch or 4 inch lift? Do I need 33's? Will 32 inch tires be much different? And more importantly with 33's and a 3.25 inch or 4 inch I need the SYE and all that other stuff. Obviously I'm looking for the most bang for my buck...a decent lift that will be ok on the paved road as well. This Jeep is my off-roading vehicle AND my DD. I'm fairly new to jeeps so any and all help, ideas, suggestions, opinions will help. thanks all!

erickpl 05-26-2009 07:58 AM

I run 33's on my D35, but I've upgraded the shafts to 30 spline alloy (Yukon) and put in an ARB locker. With moderate wheeling you should be okay, but it is up to how YOU wheel it. If you're a throttle guy, you may not like the results.

As for the SYE, you may or may not - it depends on your TJ. If you do a Motor lift you probably won't, but since each Jeep is a bit different, you're mileage may vary. :)

I run 33's with the OME 2.5" lift and a JKS body lift without problems. My ONLY issue is that I could use a BIT more backspacing on my wheels. 3.75 or 4" backspacing would be better for my 33x12.5" MT's.

OME and RE are considered the best for on AND offroad in that size. I've heard decent things about the new X-Series lifts from Rough Country, but haven't ridden in one to give first hand experience.

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