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Kurogo 05-22-2009 01:23 AM

Engine not staying on
So I've had a little trouble with my battery terminals that was easy to deal with. They'd move just enough that I wouldn't have a strong connection and the starter wouldn't crank enough to start the engine. After moving the terminals a bit it would solve the issue and the jeep would fire right up. Today, I had the trouble again, but after playing with the terminals for half an hour it would fire up, but die right away. As long as I kept my foot on the gas, it would stay running, but would die as soon as I let off.
I haven't changed my fuel filter in awhile, so I did that. Rest of the lines looked good, filled the tank a few days ago, ran injector cleaner about a week ago. I can hear the fuel system charging when I turn the key on. SO for all intents and purposes, it seems the fuel is getting to the engine. I replaced the distributor about 6 months ago, along with wires, cap, and rotor. Spark plugs had been changed last July before I broke the distributor(hence the replacement). All the plugs are getting power (I checked, even flash on every plug). Checked the battery, reads good. With key on, voltage is at 12v, using the gas to keep the engine running I let the tach drop to 500rpms, voltage was 14v. Seems that everything is getting the spark it needs. First thing on the air system I checked was the filter. Saw some oil on it, so I suspect my PCV needs changed.
Would this be all that is keeping the engine from running?
('93 wrangler, 4.0 engine)

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