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jwells36 05-23-2009 06:28 PM

installed bazooka bass tube
Hey guys just thought i would write a short review on the bazooka bass tube. I had been going back and forth on adding a sub/amp or just getting an amplified bass tube and finally decided to just go with the more simple setup. I bought the bazooka 10 inch self amplified tube on ebay for $200 brand new. After spending a few hours today installing it i could not be happier with the sound. I have a pioneer cd/mp3 player, polk audio 4x6's and sony 5 1/4's in the sound bar and the bazooka tube added that lower end that my sound was missing. This is a great match to a wrangler, installation was very easy and it fits perfect right behind the rear seat. The thing i really like about this setup is that if i want to remove it all i have to do is unplug the harness and the rca jacks and it will pop right out so if i want take it out for any reason it is not a problem. I am working on a way to secure it but with the soft top down and the tailgate locked someone would have to really be looking for it and raise the soft top up and fold the rear seat forward to take it out.
Hope this might help some of you that are thinking about upgrading your sound.


JFT80 05-23-2009 07:54 PM

Awesome. I was thinking about that myself. I had one in an old camaro of mine back in the day and it got stolen when it was broken in to. I still have the factory sound system and it is very weak. I need one of those steel consoles to lock a faceplate in. Mine has the plastic console. I don't know if I will rest as easy just walking away from a totally open vehicle with valuable content.

Levinoss 05-23-2009 08:25 PM

Yea I know a guy who has Zooka tube in his Jeep and it sounds like he's rockin a Fosgate. Great sound and lots of free space for 100$.

spanky 05-23-2009 10:46 PM

bazooka is good cheap bass .. nothing to write home about, but worth the money? sure, why not.

jacob7956 12-17-2009 01:35 AM

Hey I have a few questions. I just put in a pioneer faceplate and I have a bazooka tube but i am waiting on an amp to install it. Do you need an amp to run the bazooka tube?

rebel88 12-18-2009 04:48 AM

Nah the bazooka tubes come preamped. my uncle mounted two 8 inch tubes on top of the wheel wells in the back. looks good, works good

jwells36 12-29-2009 10:57 PM

I think that bazooka did make some tubes that were not powered. If you have a built in amp you are good to go, if it is just a speaker in a tube you will need to run an amp.


jacob7956 12-30-2009 01:56 AM

Thanks. Just went and looked and mine (that I grabbed outta my dads tuck AT the dealership before in got traded in) and it is not powered. Do you think you could put a picture of how you have it secured?

jwells36 12-30-2009 10:06 AM

sure give me a few mintues and i will take a picture for you.


jwells36 12-30-2009 10:15 AM

ok here is a pic. I just took a 1x4 piece of wood and cut it so it would fit really tight at the bottom. I painted it black and then screwed the little brackets for the straps to it and then set the tube on top of it and strapped it in. If you have to add an amp you might be able to use a little bit wider piece of wood and mount the amp right next to the sub.

jeeperzcreeper 01-05-2010 04:00 PM

Whats the difference between a bass tube and a sub i have been wondering ? which is better?

AzTJ 01-05-2010 04:08 PM

^ Not much other than the Bazooka brand tubes are self powered meaning they have a built in amp. Most subwoofers need an amp to power them meaning more room is needed. The bazooka tube wraps it all into one package at a reasonable size.

Curb_215 01-07-2010 06:03 PM

I've been thinking about installing a zooka too, I was worried about the rattle it might produce. Any problems with yours?

01 TJ 01-14-2010 06:25 PM

I have a powered bazooka tube in my TJ as well. The only problem with it is that you cannt hear the bass withno top/doors driving down the road. With the top on it sound great. Will be changing mine out this summer for a sub/amp setup for more sound with the top down. Just my two cents!

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