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magee913 06-03-2009 09:53 AM

Rear Drum Brake Parking Brake Cable
My parking brake does not work very well so i decided to check it out. The driver side seems to be working properly and the passenger side cable where it attahed to the brake shoe/adjuster thing (there is a small strong spring that hooks on) is busted. So i am not getting any parking brake power from the passenger side. Can i replace this or do i need to jerry rig this part and solder a new wire onto the srping plate. Sorry if this was confusing, it is kind of hard to describe parts for a drum brake. I drive a 1997 TJ with a 4.0L

rrich 06-03-2009 11:29 AM

If it's the cable end that came off:

I'm sure a new Brake cable is findable - do a little searching on the internet, ebay, or at a dealer.

Or - look in the yellow pages "cables" - there are lots of small businesses that specialize in cables. Take them your old cable and the old end, they can crimp on another one.

I doubt soldering will be able to hold it - there's alot of tension on the end when you apply the brake.

If it's the arm it hooks to that broke, a GOOD parts house (not Bubba and Yahoo's, not Autochina) should be able to order one.

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