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LukeWesley 09-28-2013 11:04 PM

Clutch Replacement Made
As of today, I have pulled my transmission out 5 times in one week. Three of those times being today! No I'm not crazy or bored, I just can't get the thing to act right. More and more and more parts are being thrown at it.

Anyway, back on track. In all of my removals, I have figured out a very easy, one person way to pull the trans back far enough to replace the clutch, and throw out bearing. If you have to change the flywheel, you may have to do things differently but I think there is still enough room.

The first three times I pulled the trans, It took forever to get the skid lined back up so I could bolt it in place. Granted, I was using a forklift because I didn't want to spend any more money on this project buying a trans jack.

The next two times, I was able to pull the trans back without even disconnecting the skid.

Step one:
Reach up and twist the shifter retainer out.

Step two:
Disconnect the front and rear driveshafts at the universal joints.
*Don't forget to tape or tie the bearings!!

Step three:
Lift up your driver's side carpet and remove the four screws holding on the 4WD shifter bracket.
(They're on the center hump under the shifter)

Step four: (or one or two or three)
Touch the bottom of your oil pan with the jack. Don't pump it too high, you don't want to damage it.

Step five:
remove the four nuts holding your trans down to the skid

Step six:
Remove the eight bolts and two opposite facing screws from your bell housing.

Step seven:
Pry back your transmission until it is free.

Step eight:
With one hand on the SYE and the other on the bell, bench press the trans up about two or three inches and slide it back to rest on your skid.

Step nine:
Change the clutch.

Step ten:
Bench press the trans back into place.
*If you are having trouble getting it to line up, you may need to jack the engine up a couple of pumps to make it easier.

That being said, I do not consider myself a very strong guy but I was able to do this. Granted, my shoulder is now killing me!

LukeWesley 09-28-2013 11:09 PM

Side note: When researching the clutch replacement, I saw several write ups telling you to reinstall the trans and then pump in the fluid after draining. I found it much easier to drain the fluid, remove the trans, change the clutch, and then poor the fluid into the trans from the shifter hole on top. I then stuffed it with a clean rag and reinstalled the trans so no debris would get in.

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