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neo 06-06-2009 05:16 PM

changing ball joints on my dana 30 on 1999 tj wrangler
i just bought 4 new ball joints and picked up a ball joint press at auto zone.
i am spraying everything down with pb blaster the next few days,i have changed ball joints out on A arm equiped 4 x4's.what is the spindle nut size,does any one have any pictures or useful info on changing ball joints,i have done all kinds of work on my jeeps for years,body lifts,suspension lifts
wheel bearings,brakes,u joints,clutch's changes,engine changes,i just never done ball joints yet:cool:neo

1BLKJP 06-07-2009 01:35 AM

Put the new ball joints in the freezer for a few days until you are ready to do the job. If you have access to a blue wrench "cutting torch" use it to heat up the knuckle til it's glowing red. Then grab the ball joint out of the freezer and drop it in. Might still have to use the press a bit but it will make everything much easier. :D

The axle nut on the TJ's are 36mm. The brake caliper bolts are 13mm and the unit bearing bolts are 13mm 12 points. Lower ball joint nut is 1 1/8th and I believe the upper is 26mm.

snwchris 06-07-2009 01:33 PM

here's the link from previous dicussion and a couple write-ups. Hope this helps

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