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softop 06-08-2009 08:37 PM

install early 90's xj tilt column
Had some trouble with stock I got a XJ column from a local bone yard . I was hesitant at first .There where some problems ,but so far it's an improvement over the old.After I removed the stock column I found the base of the YJ column is two piece and removeable . The XJ is welded on and must be cut off , if your careful grind along the weld that holds the base on the column and it can be tapped off with a hammer . Now the YJ column base can be installed loosely on the XJ column .You will also need to swap the upper brackets . Now you can install the XJ column.
The YJ steering shaft will have to be lengthened ,so I cut the bottom off the YJ shaft , cut the top off the XJ shaft. Temporarly install the YJ shaft from the column down and the XJ from the steering box up.then match them up in the middle ,I used tape to mark a good place to cut where the YJ shaft and the XJ shaft can be fitted together accounting for the fact one must fit into the other so you have to leave extra length on both shafts. Remove ,make the cut slip the shafts together you'll have to debur the shafts to let them slide into each other . Then you can install the shaft ,losen the column so you can install the now longer shaft .Then realign the column tighten all the bolts plug in the connecters (they where perfect matches in my case).
remove steering wheel and the parts under (this is a good time to remove and re key or replace the key tumbler ) to reclock its position because it will be after the shaft extention it will be slightly out a slight degree.
If you need the keys then off to auto zone not that I perfer autozone they where just the only place intown with a lock tumbler in stock and under $51.00 .The unlucky part I ended up with an aftermarket tumbler that the lock shop couldn't rekey.
Reinstall all steering wheel parts. Make sure all parts are in connected and tightened you now have a tilt column

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