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diegojones 06-11-2009 08:17 PM

Electrical Surge, Cruise Control, Auto Speed Sensor
I have a 2002 Wrangler Sport. About 6 months ago I developed a problem and it has been in the shop 3 times for the same thing.

The problem starts with the cruise control going out. A day or two later the check engine light will come on (Auto Speed Sensor I think it was) about a day after that it will surge like the fuel filter is clogged, a vacuum leak, or I don't know what. Only one day did it die at every single stop. I'll start it and the RPM will go to 2000 and then drop to 500.

The first shop just replaced a fuse and that lasted about a week. The second shop replaced the computer and the throttle sensor which also lasted about a week. I took it back and they soldered two connections instead of using the butt connectors. That lasted about 24 hours.

The last time they test drove it for 2 days (I think they were joy riding) with no problems.

Additional info:
I live on the beach so I'm sure saltwater plays a factor. I always wash it after a beach excursion, but it is in the air.

The airbag light is on. I can't remember what they said the problem was other than it would be $500+ to fix it.

I do live on the beach so the top is down all the time and it has rained in the Jeep.

All input is welcome! I love my Wrangler and am not in a financial position right now to buy a new one.

Thank you in advance.

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