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xxxxxxJetstorm19 09-30-2006 11:19 PM

Fuse Problem
Hey all. I'm new the Jeep scene so bare with me. In the last week I bought an '87 Wrangler 4.2L. All was fine for the first couple days but all of a sudden its poppin a few fuses on a daily basis. its always the Turn Signals, Brake Lights & Running Lights. Does anyone know what is causing this? Is there some flaw I dont know about? Also today I just had a stereo put in regardless of the fuse popping and for some reason something is making the stereo reset every time i turn off the Jeep. it wont keep any settings like it thinks the battery is being unplugged everytime. Is this tied into the fuses blowing all the time? I need to get this fixed pronto cause if i dont i wont be able to legally get to work without any working rear lights, brakes or turn signals at 6am.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

timmy43410 10-01-2006 05:24 PM

Sounds like you have a short in the wiring somewhere. The insulation on the wiring over time gets brittle and breaks. Or it could be that the wiring is rubbing somewhere and now is bare. Its hard to say where it could be but on good way to check for shorts is to pull out all the lights and fuses. Put the fuse in for a certain circuit, say the taillights for instance. start putting the bulbs back in until your fuse pops. Then you will have a good idea of the area of the short.
I had the same prob with a cj-5. I ended up getting a new wiring harness for the back because i had more black tape then wiring when i was done fixing the problems.

Texapple 10-01-2006 06:18 PM

I'll let the mechanical guys help you with your lighting issues....but I will welcome you to the Wranglerforum family and congratulate you on buying a Jeep

amerijeep 10-01-2006 06:58 PM

The radio should be connected to accessory so that it goes off with the key, but there is another connection that is to keep the memory set. Something isn't hooked up right.

As far as your lights, there is another thread where I just answered this in the past few days. You surely have a short, and from what you say, you have more than one fuse blow at a time. Correct?? Let me know, and I'll help you out some more.

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