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Johhanna 06-14-2009 10:30 PM

Installing Rear Seat Belts
I have a 2004 Wrangler which came without a back seat when I bought it. I recently bought a Bestop Fold and Tumble rear seat and need to install rear seat belt(s). I really just need a seat belt to secure my 16 month old in her car seat and there probably will not be any adult riding back there. I have been riding with her in the front seat with air bag turned off, but now I need to be able to bring an adult along as well, so unfortunately, she is being booted to the back ;-) But I understand that is safer anyway, so it is time to make the move. I bought a lap belt from the local off road shop, but they were not much help about installation and I am afraid they sold me the wrong thing.

I see the bolt in the center behind the rear seat where the seat belt will go, but can I use this for a lap belt without shoulder harness? What I was hoping to do is put both ends of the seat belt on the bolt, so i can put her in the middle of the seat instead of the side. Is this possible or is it dangerous to use the one bolt? If I must use the side position, then where do I attach the other belt? Also, the instructions for my seat say after putting the striker plate in and replacing the seat belt, to replace the seat belt mounting bracket, but the only thing I see that would resemble such a thing is a round plate that came with the seat belt, which won't fit with the striker plate for the seat. Is this piece necessary as well? I am beginning to wonder if the seat belt is for the wrong jeep :-( When I removed the center bolt, that is all that was there... just the bolt.

Thanks so much for any help you can provide!

Reaperonin 05-09-2011 05:40 PM

What you have will work fine. The Brass Round plate is irrelevant, although I did use it.

So First, Yes, you can use the lapbelts, that wont be an issue.

So to address the baby. You want to keep her in the middle. Although that wont work with the standard seatbelt setup back there, it will work though with some manipulation.

What I would recommend is this.
Ignore the bolts in the middle for the female piece of seatbelt.

Use the two mounts on right and left side behind seat.

I would put the male side on the right bracket, and then the female side on the left one.

Just unbolt whatever is existing there, or find the threaded holes.

Bolt the respective pieces into those holes.

Bolt hole
Spring nut
Bolt head

Put it in in that order and it will hold and be safe for the baby.

You will have to stretch it across and then through seat -- Through back of car seat -- then they connect.
If you put the male and female on the right sides, the the button to unlock will be conveniently on your side.

I hope that helps.

Honestly, You can McGyver it 3 different ways and make it safe and make it work.
Just look at the parts, I guarentee that as long as the bolts are the right diameter, then you can make it work!

Good luck!

meatyjeep 01-11-2013 05:43 AM

I bought a 99 tj that had the rear seat belts removed. I bought replacements but I no idea how to install. Any help and or pictures would be much appreciated

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