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Dan87GT 10-01-2006 05:49 PM

Heater Help!...No Defroster....
1 Attachment(s) defroster on my '97 TJ quick working several years ago...I am not going thru another winter...vaccum is fine...but I just hear a sucking sound when I switch to the defrosters. I have read a few threads talking about a plastic piece that breaks..I have posted a picture of what I see under my dash, a loose plastic arm that is connected to a vaccum this broken?..not sure how it mounts...does anyone know the part# and how to fix it?....thanks...

mpyusko 10-01-2006 11:28 PM

mine did the exact samp thing a couple years ago. It's not a sucking, its a restriction. The diverter for your defroster is closed along with the rest of them. What I did to fix it was I took a 2" deck screw and ran it in the plastic handle. Then I set it to Defrost/Heater and never touched it again.

| |\\\\\\> |
| | ^ | | <-this is inside the
-|_| | | | dash and not visible
^ screw | |
| |__________|
Arm connecting to vacuum diaphragm[/CODE]

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