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copleydad 06-19-2009 09:53 AM

windshield washer pita
89 4.2 Islander with a haunted washer situation.

It's pouring rain out right now, and the windshield washer works like a champ! Hit that switch on the column and it jumps into action.

When I first start the thing in the morning, it'll work great UNLESS some wayward bird has deposited his/her dukey on the glass. If the glass is clean, damn washer works. If it's dirty, I can just imagine the windshield washer gnomes under the hood flipping me off.

It won't work if the engine is warmed up. It will work before that sitting in the driveway, but once I am in 3rd gear, it won't. If I come to a stop sign, it'll work IF the engine isn't warmed up all the way. If the engine is at full temp, fugettaboutit.

So, other than cruising Times Square and looking for a homeless guy with a squeegee, any suggestions?

Absolutely no other electrical problems with the jeep. Even the factory cigarette lighter still works as well as the original bulb for the under hood light.

Thanks! :confused: :banghead: :confused: :banghead: :confused:

buckshot500 06-19-2009 08:43 PM

When you say windshield washer, are you referring to the wipers, or the washer fluid?
Either way, the washer fluid pump is located in the bottom of the washer reservoir, on the drivers inner fender. Check it's electrical connector for corrosion or loose wire. Check the hose for leakage during operation.

The wiper motor is located under the dash VIN plate. the windshield needs to be lowered to access it.

It's highly likely that the windshield hinges are rusted/ frozen & trying to lower the glass will bend the hinge plates. These need to be soaked with "PB fabulous Blaster" penetrant, for a few days before even trying it. Work them back & forth slowly, do not force them.

There is a connector up behind the dash, for this motor & that should be checked as well. It just pushes together, so it could be loose. Just follow the wire down from the motor.

Hope this helps to locate the problem.:wavey:

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