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jonthedoctobe 06-22-2009 06:41 PM

under power lines?
Just moved to central PA, so I just want to make sure the laws aren't different down here... I was out driving around on a nice evening after dinner with my wife. We were on some back roads (still marked and "paved"), and drove under some power lines. I looked and there was a two track heading up under the power lines, as I ALWAYS do, I looked, no "no trespass" signs, not driving through someone's yard, and it was obviously a somewhat used trail. Headed up the hill, about 1/4 mile came to a planted field, didn't drive through it at all, turned around and came back down. Coming back to the road, an SUV drove by and stopped, yelled out something at me, then proceeded to follow us for a good 5 miles or so heading back toward town, then randomly turned around...

Is it illegal in PA to drive under power lines? or was this guy just trying to flex his muscles a little bit? If this guy is a cop could he send me a ticket or something?

don't want to do anything illegal, but also want to enjoy some good trails if I can... can anyone shed some light on this situation??

jpdocdave 06-22-2009 06:55 PM

can't say specifically in your area, but 9 times out of 10 under powerlines is not legal, it is govt. property, and the only reason there's tracks there is from the service equipment. or at least the only reason tracks are supposed to be there. thats my expereince where ever i've been.

N39-W120 06-22-2009 07:21 PM

I need to find the code citation, but I believe it is considered trespassing to be on a public utility right of way, unless you are the owner of the property the right of way crosses.

jonthedoctobe 06-22-2009 07:24 PM

glad I asked. I'm all about having fun in my Jeep, but I definitely don't want to do anything illegal (or even unethical). Thanks for the help! We'll avoid it from here on out! :-D

N39-W120 06-22-2009 07:52 PM

All i can find is a general quote...

What landowner activities are allowed within the easement area?

Land within the right of way may be used for any purpose that does not interfere with constructing or operating the transmission line. In agricultural areas, the land may be used for crop production and pasture. In areas where the land will be developed, streets, lawn extensions, underground utilities, curb and gutters, etc., may cross the right of way with the utility's permission.

Looks like you have to be the owner of the land.....

payj90 06-23-2009 08:40 PM

i do all the time never had a problem, im not saying its right or legal but as far as i know it is. but where i live i can go pretty much anywhere, and if someone has a problem i tell them who i am and they change their tune, we own alot of property and our name goes back to the start of the settling of our county.

Sb5551 06-23-2009 09:55 PM

I am not really sure where you are at in PA, but I know there is a place called windgap that is power lines. Alot of people go there, and it is allowed. There is also a coal company that sells off a certain amount of yearly passes.

Unfortunatly, it does come down to who you know and timing. I used to have a spot that I went to to be alone until the day I went and someone spray painted on a tree no motor vehicles (talk about protecting the enviroment), so I asked the local police and they told me they used to go up there when they were kids, but technically it is PECO land, so I stay away.

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