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catITguy 07-05-2009 03:21 PM

Ugh DW returns......
Well I enjoyed the better part of a month with no DW. But now its back, not as bad, but back none the less....

Last month the shop finally (seemed) to have fixed it by replacing my bent tie rod with the HD Rugged Ridge tie rod kit and replacing my steering stabilizer.

Now since then I did rotate my tires - what with rotating tires could cause it? Unbalanced? Uneven wear? Could I have screwed up the alignment?

Or, was the stabilizer a temp fix that just masks the problem - I have heard mention of some members running with no stabilizer at all, and I know vehicles with smaller tires do.... Could I have shot through a stabilizer in a month (probably only put 400 or so miles on it)? I did notice, in some investigation, that the track bar is not mounted in its original hole (it looks misshapen - the hole, not the bar), so someone probably just drilled a new one and moved it - is there a better fix for this?

Any help/recommendations would be great, as I hate taking my vehicle into the shop and saying 'somethings wrong' which they probably hear as 'rob me please, I have no idea whats going on'.

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