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wreckchick 07-06-2009 09:49 AM

New dash, old blower...
So, the Jeep is getting a makeover/upgrade on the dash area and I need some help. I really want a new dash, no dash pad or whatever that gray foam thingy is. I've seen what ccain and Coyote did and that's what I'm looking to do but I'm not a fabricator and I really just don't trust anyone on this island to be able to anything about it. Does anyone make, or do any of you want to make a replacement dash? I am perfectly willing to to pay reasonable American dollars for the thing if anyone builds it.

In a related note, my gauge cluster is shot which I determined by the tried and true 'I looked at it' method so I need to get new gauges. The Painless kit I just installed has the plug to go into a cluster, but if I install aftermarket gauges, I'll need to do a little splicing. Anyone have a coded diagram for the wiring from the harness plug? All the color coding from the Painless kit has matched exactly the factory harness to that should all line up.

Second, the giant catastrophe under the passenger's side. It's the blower motor for the heat/ac? Is there any issue with ripping all that out? I already pulled the controls out since 'heat' is called 'the sun' and AC is called 'driving forward' and I have no need for any onboard assistance with either.

As soon as the Jeep is running again, I'll take a picture of the spare parts pile, it's pretty impressive right now and likely to only get better!


buckshot500 07-06-2009 11:56 PM

Try this before dropping the coin for new gauges!
Guages not working -

I don't think it would hurt to remove the blower motor, & make a block off plate for the hole in the tub. You could still use it as a fan though, & just bypass the heater core with a length of hose connecting the water pump to the intake manifold which does need to be heated, even in your climate. It help atomize the fuel/air mixture thereby reducing cylinder washing.

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