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Benny51 10-09-2006 09:07 PM

C Converter resting on skid plate. OK?
Hello, I just replaced my muffler on my 94. Now my catalytic converter is resting on the skid plate because the fit is not as tight as it once was. I will place another hanger in between the CC and muffler, so this should solve the problem long term, but was wondering if you guys have ever had a similar problem? Or if it even is a problem?

After driving around I checked the tempature of the CC and skid plate and while it was hot,it was not as hot as the muffler and did not seem hot enough to melt anything....


DownandDirty 10-10-2006 09:10 AM

It won't hurt the skid plate per say but eventually it will start rattling and, at some point, rub a hole in your cc. I would fix it correctly now.

scumby 10-10-2006 11:31 AM

when putting my new exhaust in i found the same thing. what i did to fix it was loosen the pipe that comes off the exhaust manifold and rotate it until the cc doesn't touch the skid plate anymore. worked for me.

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