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93yjsplash 07-20-2009 02:32 AM

lift questions
idk of there is a rule against this but i'm gonna do it anyway :flipoff:

i am moving my lift disscusion here : )

I just bought a set of stock 17's of a JK because it was all five with tires that had 2800 miles on them for $300. I couldn't pass it up. Anyway i had to buy spacer/adapters because of the 4.5 hub lug pattern/5 wheel lug pattern conflict. I bought them one inch thick and was told that this would take care of any backspacing issues which means i am covered there but now my problem is clearance! I have absolutley no money for a suspension lift. I do have about 75 bucks put away though remember i am fifteen and can't get a job til september:9lame:. So my question is if i buy these UHMW rods in 2-1/2" diameter could i make a cheap diy body lift to clear these tires? they come out to 32.1 inches and i don't do any offroading just highway driving. This said, if it can be done how thick would i make each spacer and how many would i need like 2" and 8 or 1-3/4" and 7? i just need numbers:).with this taken into account what length of bolts would i need? would i need to trim my fan shroud? extra work to radiator mounts? I just gotta know this stuff. : )

93yjsplash 07-20-2009 03:19 PM


RednekYJ 07-20-2009 05:09 PM

The cheapest safest thing to do would be a shackle lift. I wouldn't trust whatever you tried linking to (Your link take's you to the homepage.) Hockey pucks would be better IMO.:eek:

93yjsplash 07-20-2009 05:14 PM

this is it Plastic Tanks, Plastic Buckets, Plastic Bottles, Labware, Plastic Tubing, PVC Pipe, Plastic Sheet - United States Plastic Corporation

and my idea is pretty much the hockey puck treatment but these are stronger

fbtased2002 07-20-2009 05:50 PM

If cash is that limited just save your money until you can do it right. I wont hide the fact that I HATE Body lifts, but if you cant do anything else just save your cash, mow some lawns and buy a body lift kit. You said you don't off road so the only reason to lift the jeep is to look cooler and that is not worth risking your life and the life of everyone you take for a ride just cause to save a few bucks. You can get body lifts for right around a hundred bucks. just my 2cents.

93yjsplash 07-20-2009 06:20 PM

ok you have convinced me i will buy a kit:)
but now do i need a 1-1/2" or 2" to run these tires they are 32.1"

fbtased2002 07-26-2009 05:08 AM

I have been told a 2 in lift for 32in tires. has a lift kit adviser that is pretty helpful. Good luck. You should be able to install the kit yourself in a weekend if you like getting your hands dirty, an alignment will probably be need afterword though.

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