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Spider John 07-21-2009 12:18 PM

Lift Finally Finished
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I finally finished the installation of the 2.25" BB. Only took about 6 hours from start to finish.....very easy. Running 33x12.5 w/ 3.75" clearance issues so far.

jwm1986 07-21-2009 12:24 PM

Looks a lot better! Not much room for off roading with those big tires but it looks nice!

Spider John 07-21-2009 01:36 PM

There is really not much opportunity for offroading in Delaware. I was going for style I like to drive out on the beach for surf fishing. Should have enough travel for that.

jeep41 07-21-2009 01:39 PM

"not much opportunity for offroading in Delaware"

Tell me about it!

coolbreeze 07-21-2009 02:54 PM

Looks good. Did you do new shocks, and if you did, what brand? Any special tools needed? I'd like to do a mild lift to my TJ.

Spider John 07-21-2009 06:38 PM

No special tools. I went with the RE shocks.

mrbeardown 07-21-2009 06:46 PM

Looks sweet! can't wait to do the same to mine.

coolbreeze 07-21-2009 07:32 PM


Originally Posted by Spider John (Post 405347)
No special tools. I went with the RE shocks.


cret0013 07-21-2009 11:04 PM

looks good bro

98TJWrangler 07-21-2009 11:13 PM

Looks great!

iamagolfspaz 07-21-2009 11:18 PM

Looks Bueno. Now go catch some Blues and Stripers.

meyers 07-22-2009 01:55 AM

Looks Great, can't wait to lift mine. Waiting till I can do the body, suspension lift and regearing all in one shot.

lost 07-22-2009 02:00 AM

big improvement, looks great. I would add a small body lift to get a little more clearance. and make sure that you extend your bump stops if you are going to go offroad (you can use hokey pucks and rtv)

Spider John 07-22-2009 08:21 AM

I was thinking about a body lift.........might have to do that. I already took care of the bump stops.

Next mod will be the surf rack.......I will start to weld up the brackets tonight.

4point 07-22-2009 11:10 AM

Looks good Spider. You may want to dive more thought to that body lift. :D

Jeepzcb09 07-22-2009 01:37 PM

Looks much better, I will even say bad ass!! lol

Spider John 07-22-2009 02:50 PM


You may want to dive more thought to that body lift.
I may have to do that if I start to rub anywhere......

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