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lowlife 07-21-2009 06:34 PM

04' wrangler RHD. Common Issue???
i've got a problem. my #1 cyl. had a misfire, changed plug, entire coil pack assy. and boots, and injector. still no fire. i took valve cover off to check and see if something had happened beyond the obvious. nothing appeared to be wrong. took rocker arms off, used my scope to check the lifters, there still intact, no bent pushrods, no bent rocker arms, no bent anything. put it back together and spun it over without valve cover on, i instantly noticed that the intake valve on the #1 cyl doesnt open as much as all the others. i cant measure it but it is very obvious. This jeep has 57*** miles on it, is it very common to have camshaft wear on these engines, especially on such a low mileage engine? i dont mind doing exploratory surgery but i realy dont wanna pull the head off, pull the cam out, and all that other awesome stuff without knowing 100% thats where my issues are. I know these engines are known for carbon build up, i have used some of the techniques i know about to help rid it of any carbon, but i cannot tell a BIT of difference after all the times ive done it. Sorry about the long post, but i wanted you all to know exactly what ive done so there arent any "have you tried" questions. unless theres something out there to try that i have havent. Thanks for any/all the help.

lowlife 07-23-2009 09:11 AM

Anybody???? any opinions???

lowlife 07-24-2009 01:00 PM


Atthehop 07-24-2009 01:05 PM

Is the engine clean inside or is there some sludge building up.

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