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kmorris283 07-21-2009 08:16 PM

Alarm Questions 2006 Unlimited TJ
I am looking to add an alarm to my 06 TJ Unlimited. I am getting all kinds of suggestions at the shops for what I should add and then there are things I want but am not sure is a good idea.

1) Viper 350+ alarm
2) Motion sensor - I leave the windows off alot - Can they add a switch to turn this off but still have the alarm function?
3) Hood Pin
4) Back-up Siren
5) Battery Back-up
6) Door lock actuators - I want this but am not sure what the best option is when I remove the doors for wheeling or just around town. Any suggestions on what is the best way to deal with this? Some of the connectors the shops have shown me look like they will pull apart the 1st time I remove them.

What are you using and what do you like and dislike?


Ironman 07-21-2009 09:03 PM

When I was shopping for alarms about 10 yrs ago. Clifford was rated the highest with the best anti-theft features. I knew I was going to be sticking alot of money in my Jeep, so that is what I went with. I have a soft top and drive around alot with the top off, so I added the proximity feature. If someone sticks their hand in the Jeep with the top off, no matter if they open the door or not, it will set it off. I also added the leveling feature. When the alarm is set, if it changes 1/2 degree in any direction, it goes off. So if someone tries to jack it up, it sets it off. When I go places, I feel totally secure with leaving it. You can't get near this thing without It screaming at you. In the 10 or so years I've had the alarm, it has not given me one problem. I would definitly check them out if I was going to get another one.

kmorris283 07-22-2009 09:12 AM

Thanks for your reply... I really appreciate it. Unfortunantly Clifford has been bought out by someone and I am not sure of there quality anymore. I will have to do some more research.

TheTJRod 07-22-2009 10:35 AM

Check out Zenesis for alarms. You want to keep the motion sensor on especially with the doors off. Though if you still want to turn it off it should be incredibly easy and you should go somewhere else if they say that is not possible and your getting ripped off if they ask for more money. You could do it yourself with a 3 dollar switch(get the cheap one without a fuse don't need one) and some wire.

I installed power windows and door actuators to my Jeep. At most it used 6 wires, so I got some connectors from radio shack. I covered the wires in expandable nylon cable wrap zip tied the end and shrink wrapped it. At some point I am going to get connectors that can mount through hole so I can mount the door connector on the lower sides of the dash. I can take a pic of the connectors if you want.

At most a door actuator will have 5 wires. Regular ones have 2. The power window kit I used had 4 on the driver side and 3 on the passenger side.

kmorris283 07-29-2009 10:07 AM

thanks for everyones reply. I bought an Autopage 2 way system with hood pin, new door actuators with a rely nice disconnect system, backup siren and a motion sensor with on/off toggle. The motion sensor is OK but in the unlimited I am having issues getting it to reach behind the backseat. If I tune it to cover in the back it is so sensitive that it goes off when you walk by the car. I thought about a 2nd sensor but there is really no place to install it. Anyone have a suggestion?

journeydog 07-29-2009 11:49 AM

Many moons ago, I had a Scout II and installed a State-of-the-Art alarm in it, after having my 1st Scout stolen out of my driveway and never recovered (that's another long, windy story). Don't remember the name, but the alarm system was the 'best' in the market at that time. I parked in the company parking lot, along with a few hundred other vehicles. The lot was patrolled regularly by our rent-a-cops.

One afternoon, I came out of my work building and found my driver's window smashed and my CB gone and wires everywhere (CBs were hot stuff in that day). Apparently, the alarm went off, but no one paid attention. Since then, I've skipped an expensive alarm installation in the dozen or so vehicles I've owned since then and installed only a switch and a 10 buck blinking red LED to ward off the theft 'elephants' and so far, I haven't been hit again.

The theory is that if a perp wants something you've got bad enough - they'll get it. Unless you want to spend 24/7 sitting in your Jeep with your trusty S&W, why lose something that your insurance may/may not cover or deductible is large (smashed window). If the perp percieves what could be an alarm or there's something they don't like about the situation, there's always the car nearby.

Just my dime - which still makes a good screwdriver...

Jerry Bransford 07-29-2009 12:37 PM

I hope your installer was better than 99% of the young kid installers that install most car alarms. Most car alarms just end up causing problems later, especially causing them to not start. And troubleshooting them can be a real nightmare due to the many ways installers can choose to have it disable the engine. Far too many installers do a SHODDY installation job which is a huge reason most alarm systems eventually start giving problems.

For me personally, I wouldn't install an alarm into my TJ if it were given to me free. Especially since no one pays attention to car alarms these day which are more of an annoyance than anything else. For me, I just never leave anything of value in my TJ and I don't usually park it in areas where theft would be very likely. If I do, like at the airport or some shopping malls, I just pull the ASD (auto shut down) relay which will make the engine impossible to start. I doubt that .01% of the thieves out there would know to swap in one of the other relays into the ASD relay location to get it started.

kmorris283 07-29-2009 01:11 PM

The installer I used was very professional and I was VERY happy with the way he wired the door actuators with the quick disconnects. I got a two way system so it alerts me when it is going off so I can react even if no one else does. I am close by 95% of the time so that should be good enough for most situations.

Ironman 07-29-2009 06:49 PM

That's one thing I wish mine had. Something to alert me when I'm not near my rig.

kmorris283 07-29-2009 09:00 PM

It is nice to be alerted. As a lot of people have said most onlookers ignore car alarms and if I am notified I can get to it... In fact it went off when I was in Best Buy the other day (guy hit it with his door) and I went flying out of best buy to see what happened. Jeep was fine but my knee and shin hurt for a couple of days after the run in the mall parking lot... LOL! I guess I can not win...

muchomacho 06-26-2015 11:14 PM

Has anybody else had luck with an alarm yet?

JeepandMud 06-26-2015 11:55 PM

I have the Viper alarm, which was recommended on here and couldn't be happier. Like KMorris said, mine will send me an automatic alarm through the key fob to let me know what happened. Examples are if someone bumped into it, someone tried to smash the window, etc. I have the proximity sensor as well as a kill switch if it gets hot wired. By the time the thieves get a flat bed tow, unless they brought one with them, I will have been out there already. My Jeep also has a GPS chip installed, but it also has a 2 mile radius if it gets towed. It seems like overkill, but it was the entire package. If they want to steal my CB, that's fine as it was a cheaper unit. If you look in my center console you will find mechanic towels and 2-3 boxes of medical grade gloves. Nothing else.

Wattapunk 06-27-2015 06:05 AM

I have Autopage in all my vehicles past and present. It's cheaper than higher name brands such as viper or Clifford but has never failed on me. The only reason i have one in the TJ was for the the keyless entry with added door lock actuators. I found that the added interior zone sensor sometimes gave false alarms so it was quickly removed. I have cheap bullet wire connectors at the door jamb to easily go doorless. Alarm came with the standard hood and tailgate pin switches, ignition kill, etc.. the alarm model was Autopage RF350.. nothing fancy but works great. If you want a more fancy lcd key fob and features, I have the RS730 model on the Taco that have remote start with a ridiculous long range.

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