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Jamezt1 10-11-2006 11:29 AM

need fuse box schematic/newbie questions
hi everyone. looks like you've got a great forum here. my dad just bought a 92 wrangler and i was helping if you all could help me figure out a couple probs. i'm a part of the vbulletin miata forum, and we're pretty apt to helpin out newbs. my dad's wrangler's heater blower (no a/c) isn't working and there's a couple fuses missing from the fuse box. unfortunately, one of the PO's lost the box lid, so we haven't a clue which fuse goes to the fan. if anyone has a pic or schematic/knows where i could find one, please help! or if you could just tell us what the fuses are in order (and rating), that'd work too.

on a different note... i just read on a pretty recent thread that it has 2 horns. my dad's has one regular looking horn and one that looks more like an aftermarket security system's siren, but the power to it has a small fuse holder with no fuse in it. both the regular horn and that one are in between the fender and the air box.

great looking forum guys! any help would be appreciated!

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