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funglenn 07-27-2009 09:08 AM

How prevalent are the roof leaks
Hello everyone.

I used to have a 98 TJ, then I sold that moved to Germay, and bought an 89 YJ, now I am going to return to the states and buy a "new" jeep.

I am not sure if I want an 2005 or a brand new 2010 model.

However after hearing so many issues, I can concerned. How big of an issue are the roof leaks on the soft tops. Is it really a design flaw? Has it been corrected in 09s? I have heard different things, but I know that neither my 89 or my 98 softop ever leaked!

Is it worth a new one?? How prevalent are the leaks. I can take alot of issues, but not leaks.


labatt blue 07-27-2009 09:17 AM

got a 2007 jk ,never had a leak!!!! i use the hell out of it:D

john's ct jeep 07-27-2009 09:28 AM

i have an 08 jk and the only time it leaked was when i didn't put the top on right. not the tops fault mine. other than that never had a leak knock on wood.:) by the way welcome to the forum. jeep waves :wavey::wavey:

daggo66 07-27-2009 10:20 AM

I have an '09 2dr soft top. No leak issues whatsoever.

BadAndy 07-27-2009 10:57 AM

'07 with no leaks at all...unless i open the door and invite the waterfall

AndyLA 07-27-2009 01:15 PM

Will it rain in Spain while I am on the plane?

iamagolfspaz 07-27-2009 02:19 PM

08 Rubi and no leaks.

jk'n 07-27-2009 03:29 PM

Welcome to the forum.:wavey:

The soft top on mine leaks when I am not careful putting it back up. I would call it temperamental. But it's a Jeep. I'm not overly concerned about it. When it gets older I'll probably have bed liner sprayed in and get rid of the carpet as some on this forum have described. When I do that I'm going to get the vinyl waterproof seat covers too. Much to do little money to do it with. Daughter is in college so that won't change soon.

The hard top leaked the first two rain storms last August. Not since. I have had the soft top on since mid May (me thinks).

NYAPE 12-09-2009 08:22 PM

I have an 09 JK 4 Door Sahara and I live in the North East. It leaks from the freedom top almost every time it rains. Has been back to the dealer 4 times and going back for a 5th! I love the Jeep but when I have to drive to work on a rainy day it's a bit embarrassing to walk into work and my back is wet.

Scooter_Trash 12-09-2009 08:45 PM

I've had mine since October 2006 and never had a leak with the hard or the soft top.

greenJK 01-30-2010 10:14 PM

my 08 JK decided to spring a leak at the front driver's side door after 18months. First trip to the dealer made it worse and caused a leak at the same location on the passenger's side door. after 3 more trips they replaced the driver's side panel of the freedom top which fixed that side, but the passenger side still leaks. I will be bringing mine in for its 5th trip as they have ordered a passenger side panel. hopefully that fixes everything.

Badfish 01-30-2010 11:43 PM

ok i will try to sum this up for the op. the freedom top aka hardtop is known to leak if it isnt put back together in the exact order said by the owners manual but that doesnt matter to you cause you said you want a soft top. my 2 door has never leaked on me and most all other 2 door owners will agree with me that the soft top doesnt leak at all but i have heard from some 4 door owners that the soft top will leak some times but what does it matter its a jeep its meant to get wet. i think the 4 doors leak cause the extra length on the frame allows it to flex too much and the seals cant work properly. the fix i have heard from some people to help the 4 doors is to get silocon grease and rub it on all the seals. helps alot. hope that helps

RubiJK12 01-30-2010 11:51 PM

09 Unlimited soft top-Oregon- No leaks

jeepchick921 02-02-2011 11:25 AM

I have a 2010 soft top and the passenger side is horrible. Actually today, there is a small lake on the floor. I have made sure that the door molding is seated properly (still can't get over the fact that you can just pull it right off) and that the top is on right. Doesn't matter. The inside of the door will be soaked and the seat and floor are just sopping wet. The driver's side doesn't leak; it just pours in, from the roof, when you open the door. I know that it's a jeep and it is meant to get wet, but I shouldn't have to get a well a@@ whenever it rains.

MTH 02-02-2011 11:36 AM


Originally Posted by jeepchick921
I have a 2010 soft top and the passenger side is horrible. Actually today, there is a small lake on the floor. . . . .

Occasional leaks, some water on your neck when you open the door, etc. can all fairly be called "jeep things". What your describing cannot. That's not even close to normal. My 2010 4 door soft top has ZERO leaking so far under any circumstances. I've had it for eight months now.

You're under warranty--take it back to any dealer and get them to figure it out. My bet is either the top is on wrong, the frame of the top or the upper body panels of the Jeep are bent, your weather stripping is on improperly, or you have the wrong year soft top (i.e., it got swapped at the dealer when somebody before you wanted a hard top that was originally on your jeep and they did the swap w/o considering the years are different). We can mostly eliminate the final option if you get your build sheet and it shows a soft top.

Mr. Sinister 02-02-2011 11:39 AM

My 2010 will have a steady stream pour down all over the plastic trim piece on the floor from above the door handle area when I open the door, but nothing when the door is shut.

repoman100 02-02-2011 11:53 AM

I have a 2010 JK 2 doors, went through HEAVY rain, car wash, hosed it down many times and never had a drop in the cabin.

jeepchick921 02-02-2011 01:53 PM

Thanks, MTH... didn't think it was normal. I put a call in to the dealership to get it checked out. The top and the weather stripping are def on right. Good tip about the top being swapped.

Bill... love the Back To The Future quote!

ncossey 02-02-2011 02:08 PM

My 07 2dr leaks like crazy. I do believe its because my door stripping is bad though.

Mr. Sinister 02-02-2011 02:16 PM


Originally Posted by jeepchick921 (Post 1029813)
Bill... love the Back To The Future quote!


JIMBOX 02-02-2011 02:18 PM

:thumb: Nothing prevalent about the leaks atall--

Rumor hasit that 'CHADWICKS" jeep, never leaked water inside-

If I'm liein-I'm diein !!

:dance::rofl: JIMBO

Islander902 02-02-2011 07:01 PM

"'07 with no leaks at all...unless i open the door and invite the waterfall "

lol, x2 on that .. still exists on the '10

what is the deal with that anyways, they must be able to engineer it to send the water somewhere else...

jramsay 02-02-2011 11:00 PM

2010 2 door soft top, never had problems up front, water gets in the back if it's really bad outside, I had a nice pile of snow back there this morning. Nothing awful though really

Mac2411 02-03-2011 12:43 PM

Took my 2010 for her first bath this morning (road salt and grime) in a high pressure automatic car wash and no leaks I could see. Of course, given the date of the original post, I'm sure the OP long ago made his choice and has moved on.

rics1997 02-03-2011 12:59 PM

Like any problem from any vehicle, you hear about the complaints and not those that have none. If you have no issues there is no reason to say my roof doesn't leak. I really doubt it is a major issue but anytime you have a roof that come off or folds down there is a chance of leak issues but it is not a common issue but if you have it you will complain about it.

I think you will find that the vast majority have no leaks and have no reason to say I have no leaks other in threads like this.

Only time mine ever leaked was when I pushed my freedom top on wrong and folded the gasket over. Took it off and straightened it and never had the problem again. But buy any soft top and there is a chance of a leak either from user error of bad seal.

jk'n 02-03-2011 04:26 PM

There was a slew of brand new leaking jeeps in model year 07 and 08. Many people solved the leaks themselves. Chrysler tried as they did, couldn't solve mine and bought it back. They probably solved it and resold it (my guess). When I got my replacement and it leaked in the exact same place I thought I was doomed. They adjusted it twice and it hasn't leaked since. A brand new jeep that you paid 30+ K dollars for shouldn't leak on delivery. Consumer protection laws help to insure that. If mine leaks now, I will find the source and fix it. Different story when it was new though. With a vehicle that has as many seals as a jeep, expect problems over the life of the vehicle. Water will eventually find its way in. Best advice I can give is keep the seals clean and lubricated with a thin coat of silicon base lube. My jeep is 2 - 1/2 years old and still no leaks. I have found that Turtle Wax Ice interior cleaner does a real nice job on the seals and keeps them looking new....and keeping water out.

jeepchick921 02-05-2011 08:41 PM

well another day of rain in Jersey and another lake in the passenger side. still hadn't dried out from last week. can't wait to see what the dealer has to say on monday :facepalm:

ottobinotto 02-06-2011 12:39 PM

its a jeep thing. part of the price of having a soft top. water might get inside eventually

Avalon786 02-06-2011 04:00 PM

2010 2dr Soft Top. No leaks :D I am in one of the best testing grounds...seattle :p

jeepchick921 02-07-2011 11:07 AM


Originally Posted by ottobinotto (Post 1037459)
its a jeep thing. part of the price of having a soft top. water might get inside eventually

Wouldn't mind a little water... I'm talking a lot of water. It runs down the passenger side door and I have to shop-vac it out and use a dryer to dry out the seat. I shouldn't have paid all that money only to have to carry plastic with me so my kid can sit on the seat when it rains. That's not a jeep thing, that's a problem.


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