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1992wranglersahara 07-27-2009 11:39 AM

Misc. lines, hoses and electrical plugs
Hey all -

This is really bugging me :mad: On my recently purchased 90 YJ, 4.2L 6-cyl, manual, there are a handful of hoses, lines and electrical plugs in the engine compartment that GO NOWHERE! I am having trouble keeping it idling when it's cold (the choke won't come on at all) and am thinking, "Who knows?" - one of these hoses or lines could be the real issue, not the carb itself.

How do I go about figuring out where these miscellaneous lines should go, if anywhere? I know it's tough over a forum - we all would need to see the engine compartment to be able to make some good guesses... I can post some pictures later on after work this evening, though, if some of you think you could help me. I'd appreciate it, that's for sure.

I have the above motor, a carb (no fuel inj), the AX-15 tranny and the engine has two v-belts (power steering and alternator), no serpentine belt - should that help anyone who needs to know.

Thanks -

NAVYCHIEF 07-27-2009 12:26 PM

need some pics. air conditioning?

1992wranglersahara 07-27-2009 12:59 PM

No A/C. I will definitely post some pictures this evening after I get home from work. I appreciate you taking a look, NAVYCHIEF.

Covrace 07-27-2009 03:49 PM

I just rehosed and partly wired my yj. Tell me whatcha got and I'll try to help. you can email me at

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