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atomicjoe23 08-03-2009 01:50 AM

'49 Jeep Willy's Truck Axles???
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My GF and I just got a '49 Jeep Willy's Truck and of course we're gonna upgrade the tires to WAY bigger, but I don't want to break the axles right off the bat. . .

. . .can anyone tell me what axles these are?

Here's the rear. . .I haven't seen one like this before. I'm guessing it's the original rear and I haven't had any luck finding out what they came with (I'm new to these old trucks!).

And if you know what axle this is do you know how big of a tire I can run without worrying about breaking anything? This thing isn't gonna see any hard off-road use. . .it's mostly gonna be a show truck (but not the shiny kind. . .we're doing it up WWII style). . .

. . .the GF wants 37's on it and build it up like the big Dodge Power Wagon on Gearz. . .I want to be sure that we don't break anything right off the bat.


atomicjoe23 08-03-2009 01:58 AM

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Here's the front axle. . .this one I'm pretty sure I can ID myself, I just haven't had the time and I haven't spent a lot of time scavengine axles in the past. . .

. . .I'm an off-road convert from the muscle car side of things so it's pretty much been Ford 9" or a GM 10 or 12 bolt and that's it in the past.

This looks pretty similar to our Dana 30 in the front of our YJ, but I haven't verified that yet. This is why I'm worried about big tires on it. . .I know the D30 can only handle up to about 33's without having to worry about breakage.

skeeter 08-03-2009 02:38 AM

Rear axle is a Timken
Front axle should be a Spicer 25
I would not recommend anything big on either axle.

I've been looking into Willys wagons, a popular swap is to get the drive train from late 70's Wagoneer. They're general pretty cheap for a donor rig.

atomicjoe23 08-03-2009 11:36 AM

OK. . .Thanks, that's what I was afraid of. . .a junkyard swap shouldn't be too big of a deal, and shouldn't be too expensive either.

What do the 70's Wagoneer's have under them?

I know I can find a Ford 9" and a Dana 44 front really easy though. . .even a Dana 60 front from under a SuperDuty are fairly common in the local junkyard, but probably quite a bit more expensive!

Know much about the Dana 18 transfer case? Do I need to worry about that once I upgrade the axles?


4Jeepn 08-03-2009 12:16 PM

okay what's the truck look like?????

As stated the stock axles are not that great.

The dana 18 is a good t-case. Does it work now? I would start by seeing how the fluid looks? Change it and go from there.

As for axles.. I would look for a 14 bolt, cheap and maybe a wagoneer front 44 if you want to run 37's.. though a 60 would be better.

atomicjoe23 08-04-2009 12:09 AM

Jeep is pretty clean considering it's age and the fact that the previous owner had it for 10 years. . .he swapped a 350 SBC/TH350 out of a '77 Chevy P/U truck in and bought an 18 circuit wiring harness for it. . .wired the engine/tranny and had a crossmember/skidplate from a 90's YJ Wrangler to support the tranny/xfr case, but hadn't modified it so the tranny/xfr case was supported by a jackstand and the truck sat out in the sun for the last 2 years.

We got it back to the house and I got the crossmember cut to fit the frame and drilled the holes to mate up to the tranny/xfr case mount so now it's all supported properly. . .the truck fires up with some starting fluid sprayed in the carb, but I'm not getting fuel from the tank to the engine at the moment.

It needs a little work, but it's in driveable condition. . .the fuel lines are a mess and will be one of the first places that I address for safety (hard lines with flexible hose as the joints between pieces of metal line. . .zip ties for hose clamps some places and nothing in others!). . .the lights and the guages aren't wired up yet either.

We were gonna hot-rod it and chop the top, channel the body over the frame, Z the rear of the frame and slam it low, but the body is rust free (minor surface rust in like one place) and complete so we changed our minds and we won't be cutting the body or the frame. . .we will hold onto the stock axles as well when we swap in some bigger ones so that if we ever sell it they could be put back underneath. . .it would have been nice if the guy still had the original engine/tranny, but for $800 who's complaining! It only took me one day to fix the major problem with it (the tranny crossmember) and probably just a little fiddling around to get it running proper>

Best investment in a project vehicle that we have ever made.

So everyone knows we are gonna keep the body and we will be building it to look all WWII'ish. . .some will like it, others won't. . .to each their own, but everyone should be happy to know we aren't going to cut a perfectly good body up!

atomicjoe23 08-04-2009 12:09 AM

I think there's a couple Wagoneer's at the local scrapyard. . .have to check them out!

Thanks for the suggestions!

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