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nicolas-eric 08-04-2009 07:50 AM

D30 Axle / ARB Locker Overhaul
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Last weekend I broke my left inner axle shaft and after that the hole axle and diff was filled with mud. The drivers side diff bearing (right on the pic) also looks strange

The problem is, that the shaft broke directly behind the axle shaft seal and the broken part is still in the ARB locker. I canŽt remove the diff because of that.
Can I remove the long cross shaft in the ARB locker to pull out the broken part?

To replace the diff bearings I have to remove the hole locker. How is the copper air line attached to the top of the diff housing? Do I need a spreader? Or are two c-clamps above/under the diff housing also ok ? A friend told me that he installed his ARB lockers on that way.
Do I have to adjust the ARB locker with some shims after raplacing the two bearings?

Would you also replace the pinion bearings? How does that work? Do I have to adjust the pinion with some shims after that?

How can I clean the inner side of the locker?

Is there a good manual in the internet where I can see how to adjust the diff? I have 3 experienced machanics and they would help me. But they did that only on big trucks and tractors..

Should I install a replacement axle shaft (I could get one for free)? Or better some Chromoly Axles? IŽm afraid of breaking the ARB locker or the R&P gears the next time instead of the axle shaft. That would be more expensive than just replacing an axle shaft.

Thanks for your help.
nicolas-eric :wavey:

nicolas-eric 08-05-2009 08:16 AM

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Do I need special diff bearings for this D30 ARB locker?Where can I buy the shims that have to be installed outside the bearing?

jdhallissey 08-05-2009 11:24 AM

I would go chromoly thus not really bringin this issue to the table next time. To the broke piece in the carrier, if you can pull the caps and wiggly the carrier it might free up the piece broken inside of it enough to start wiggling it out. The shims you can buy a mater install kit for 100 bucks or there about and that will get you the shims and new bearings.

nicolas-eric 08-05-2009 11:47 AM

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One more question:

IŽll disassemble the whole locker to clean it out. It seems that only 2 pieces are different at the 27 spline locker and the 30 spline locker (side gear).

Would it be an improvment to convert my 27spl locker to 30spl? That would cost only about 150$.

Chromoly axle shafts with 27spl and 30 spl cost the same...

D30 27spl ARB locker parts list: RD100 - Dana 30, 27 SPL, 3.73 & Up
D30 30spl ARB locker parts list: RD104 - Dana 30, 30 SPL, 3.73 & Up

Btw. in another forum they told me that the bearing journal under the damaged bearing (see pic above) coud be broken. Perhaps I need a new diff case...

jdhallissey 08-05-2009 11:51 AM

30 spline is stronger then a 27. Probably 15 percent or so. Do you have the carrier out now? Can you post pics of the empty housing? I don't think you hurt the housing. They are built pretty well unless you dropped it on a rock I don't see you hurting it by packing it full of mud. I would get cleaning lol. To the Air line to the locker it should just pull off the fitting. When I did my dana 44 it just slipped right off when I grabbed it.

nicolas-eric 08-05-2009 12:00 PM

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My TJ is 50 miles away from me and IŽll drive to the baltic sea in some hours until sunday. On monday IŽll disassamble my front axle and the locker. Then IŽll see whatŽs damaged.

Perhaps the bearing journal under the damaged bearing is broken. You can see the bearing on the right of the pic.

jdhallissey 08-05-2009 12:02 PM

See you will not know the damage until you really get it out of there. You might have just crushed the bearing. No biggy just put a new one in. You coulda tossed your truck into 2 wheel drive and drove her home.

1BLKJP 09-10-2009 02:16 AM

Nicolas, I think you did fawk up the bearing on the driver side. However there will be no need to re-shim it unless you mess up the shims while removing the old bearing. Might as well replace both bearings while you are pulling and pressing them back on. Just keep the shims separate from side to side so you know which goes on which side.

I'm honestly not sure it'd be worth it for you to upgrade from 27 to 30 spline. You were running stock shafts before now and moving to chromoly's will greatly enhance your front axle. Hell I don't know if RCV ships to Germany but they do make a killer CV shaft for TJ and JK axles. I'm sure if you have questions our new member will gladly PM you with some info. :D

Depending on how stuck the piece is you might be able to use something long enough and punch it thru from the other side before you pop it out.

nicolas-eric 09-10-2009 03:36 AM

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Some weeks ago I build a differential spreader and removed the locker. After removing the damaged bearing I saw that the end of the differential case is bent. I put the not damaged side in an engine lathe and everything looked fine. only the outer part of the case where the bearing was is +1/8" bent.
Two weeks ago I ordered a new ARB Diff case (only 145$ @ Now IŽm still waiting for it. It seems that ARB USA doesnŽt have it in stock. I hope that IŽll get it next week.

Do I need to re-shim the diff after replacing both bearings and the differential caes?

Here are some pics:

nicolas-eric 09-10-2009 03:39 AM

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How much stronger are 30 spline chromly shafts compared to 27 spline? Do I need new bigger inner axle seals after upgrading to 27 spline chromoly shafts?

A friend gave me a complete stock right axle shaft for free. I will use it until I brake it the next time. Chromoly shafts are a bit too expensive for me at the moment.

jdhallissey 09-10-2009 11:22 AM

30's are 25%ish stronger. I think everything stays the same and you just plop them in just like any other axle.

1BLKJP 09-11-2009 01:20 AM

Nico you roughed up that ARB buddy. :D

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