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Covrace 08-05-2009 10:25 PM

update, hard cold start 4.2L problem solved
Hey gang, 1987 yj with a 4.2L running a pre-feedback carb. If it sits 24 hours or longer it takes a lot of cranking to start. truck otherwise runs great, recently nuttered, and other mods. SO. here's the deal, I replaced the dual outlet fuel filter with a normal filter from a cj-5, and then I plugged the return line, BANG, problem solved. truck sat for two days and started instantly.

To the dude who suggested my carb's 1/2 cup fuel supply in the float chamber was evaporating in 24 hours, I respond with this: I tried what you suggested, pouring a 1/2 cup of gas into a container and leaving it sit, for 24 hours exposed to open air. Guess what, I let it sit for 36 hours, walked up to it and tossed a match. Guess what happened: It lit, with just as much force as a 1/2 of fresh gas from a sealed container. So thats the name of that tune....................

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