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dylan 08-13-2009 01:30 PM

Factory Sub works SOMETIMES
Hey guys, I tried searching for answers to these questions, but didn't have any luck. I have a 2005 Wrangler Unlimited with the factory 7 speaker system. Aftermarket Pioneer head unit installed, and yes I hooked up the blue wires.

Anyways, my factory sub cuts in and out, it'll work for 5-15 mins, then stop, sometimes won't work for days at a time. Should I check the fuse for the amp? I also saw a thread that said the factory amp should have a light on it that shows green or red, depending on if its OK or if it has entered "protection mode".. Is this accurate and where exactly is the amp, if I wanted to check connections?

Additionally, I ordered a new sub in case its the factory sub dying (people have been telling me this behavior is symptomatic of the sub going out). I think I might have screwed up, because I got a 4ohm Kicker, and from what I've read, the factory amp will underpower it. I'm only going for nice clear sound here, not a total bumper..

Anyone have any idea if the problem is a connection, amp, or subwoofer problem?

Thanks so much!

dylan 08-21-2009 02:01 PM

Alright well if anyone was wondering, it was the sub after all. I replaced it with the instructions found here:

How To Replace The Factory Subwoofer -

It was pretty easy, just have your dremel handy to cut out some plastic for clearance for the sub magnet. It sounds killer too, not too much punch, prolly cause its a 4ohm driven by the factory amp, but its clear and the response is great.

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