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fliggyg 08-15-2009 10:37 PM

Newbie -Please help - 307 gears & lift options
Well I found out the horrible news the other day that I have 3.07 gears as I had feared. anyway this puts me in a bad position as my budget was already maxed and now I added expense.

I want to mostly just goof around off road and will drive on road a lot.. This is not daily driver just weekend toy... I will nto attempt the impossible while off road but want to be able to have fund when I do go...

Here is my plan and please tell me if it will work and if not what part needs corrected..

currently run 31x10.50's (no powerhouse on road already)
4.0L 6 cyclynder 5 speed manual, 2004 wrangler x

Looking at a 3" BDS lift kit first.
This kits has been a difficult decision and I have read and read reviews and still not sure if this is best kit for money. Not sure if I wanted to go bigger later how much this one would limit me.. The kit is 725.00 for kit and includes shocks.
Keep my 31 x 10.50's on until I save up but not sure how stupid it will look???
keep same gears (at least for now)
No SYE (least for now)
Eventually I was thinking I could add 33" tires and see how bad power is.
Drive it with no power until I can afford the gears (1400.00 4.10 yukon gears installed at local shop)

any thoughts or concerns? Better game plan options? If you recommend a kit can you please tell me or pm me a place to get it from. I have had a hard time finding the kits and where to buy.

What all am I missing???

Thanks in advance!

Raider197500 12-19-2011 06:18 AM

Im new here but i have 33s with 4 inch lift I6 5 speed 3.07 gears
its sucks you will have no power really it will do 70 or 80 on the high way
going down hill with the wind at your back and 5th gear is useless im getting 4.11s
i tow my 4 wheeler every now and again you will need to swap out your carrier to i believe hope this helps

rtorres 12-19-2011 06:53 AM

Agree. Running 33s with 3.07 gears won't be a fun drive.
I have 33s with 3.73 gears and IMO this is the minimum gear ratio for 33s.
Consider that you will have to change carriers to accomodate higher gear ratios.

Alternatively you can do a 2-2.5in lift and keep your 31s. When going to 33s a 1in body lift can give you the extra clearance.

Hope this helps.

TJWenatchee 12-19-2011 08:32 AM

I ran 3.07's with 31x10.5x15's with 2.5" lift and a 1.25"BL for a few months until I regeared to 4.56's for my 33's. I didn't think the 3.07's were too bad with the 31's, only not much accerleration in 5th and and never up even a slight incline. :)

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