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That99SaharaGuy 10-20-2013 12:22 PM

TJ differential lower breather link
I can't find the actual plug for the front differential anywhere online. On my front Dana 30, the lower vent linkage (and hose) is missing with just a hole where it should be. I've searched everything and can really only find the lower breather hose linkage for a CJ Dana 30 (simple rubber plug), 2003-2006 Dana 30 (smooth stainless), and the JK breather linkage that is threaded... Why can't find one for my 99?! It's very frustrating. I'm considering the creeper breather after all this looking I've done, but those require something to attach to that doesn't come included in the kit as far as I can see...

So with all this said, is this just a part I can grab at Lowes and just pop in there and seal with silicone, or do I need to continue my search for a legitimate 99 lower differential vent?

Thanks for your help. I really have searched hard for this one, guys:hide:

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