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bamayote 08-17-2009 10:29 PM

2000 center console sub options
hey all, first time posting, but i've been reading for sometime and i've got a question i cant seem to find the answer too.
i've got a 2000 wranger. just got it a couple of months ago. i've done some tune up work and replaced the head unit with a jvc, the dash speakers with kappa 5 1/4's and kappa 6.25's in the sound bar.
now i'm looking for a little more bass. not really looking to hit really hard. just to round the sound out a little.
when i got the wrangler it didnt have a center console, but i've come across one at a junkyard and it's got the 6 3/4 woofer, amp and speaker box in the console.
ive read about loads of folks throughing in a 10" sub, but i cant find the details as to how they're doing this. using the sub box? moding the console? building a box behind the seat?
i'd rather keep the sub,,, or woofer in the console. i'm not afraid to mod either.
have ya'll used the sub box? or just mounted a sub in the console. i'd like to move up to 8" or 10". that being said.... i'm not ashamed to go back to a 6" woofer if i have too.
thanx ya'll!

Ryanlogic 08-17-2009 10:38 PM

tuning in.....

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