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MY89YJ27 08-21-2009 10:44 AM

New Jeep owner..
I have an 89 YJ about 124000 miles. Here's the deal, random too, not everyday, tryin to pinpoint when, why. Start her up. let it run, put foot on the clutch it stalls right out. have to give it a good 20 and a quick beatin down the road to get it goin then its fine, no more trouble. some of what i have been able to narrow down is this, gas goes to 1/4th i stall on sharp left only turns. seems to have this prob at same time. also, i cant fill it over 3/4 or the smell is unbearable and the gas is comsumed very quickly and resumes normal gas milage at 3/4. I plan on changing out the fuel filter and checking all the seals around the tank and everything...any other suggestions??? :D

G-Pur 08-23-2009 05:25 PM

I wish I could help you out. Try posting the same question in the YJ forum, you may get some decent answers there.

kjeeper10 03-05-2011 06:47 PM

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02 sensors? Massive vacuum leak? Bad cat?.... If your smelling gas your jeeps running rich and therefor burning excessive gasoline : )

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