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damtareese 10-22-2013 06:45 PM

new guy checking in
Aloha, everyone just bought me my very first jeep, a 95 yj wrangler, brand new to the 4wd scene, any tips will be appreciated, mostly planning on using jeep for fishing and camping on the beach, nothing to extreme. ... for now, ...anyone know the sz of the stock speaker in soundbar

Hawaii5O 01-26-2014 01:14 AM

Welcome and same here. Just bought my jeep about 10 days ago.

FoxGhost 01-26-2014 09:42 AM

Welcome guys. And congratulations!! Life as you know it is about to change forever. Haha.
Have fun, be safe and check in on this forum frequently. There's a lot of folks on here that know their stuff. I'm always amazed how much these guys know and how much they want to help each other.

damtareese 01-26-2014 11:43 AM

Hey guys thanks, for the longest I thought this forum was dead!!! Like i stated before kind of new to the jeep scene, mostly want to use it for the beach. So I figured out for wheeling in the sand you need wider tires for more air to help you any of you know what kind of mods (lift kits, bigger shocks) need to be done before putting on wider tires...oh yeah right now, I'm running, 31x10.5x15 and not much of a wrench

FoxGhost 01-26-2014 11:51 AM

Don't do much sand running in my neck of the woods. Depending how serious you ate about it though... I really think the 31's should treat you good at least until you wear them out. ??

Hawaii5O 01-26-2014 11:55 AM

What model do you have? YJ? TJ? Depends on how much clearance you have. More than likely you'd need a lift and some wider wheels with adjusted back spacing.

damtareese 01-26-2014 12:03 PM

I got a 95 yj.....Im assuming the amount of lift and spacing is dependant on high n wide my tires are, any suggestions for wheeling in the sand, nothing to extreme, I'm on a budget

Hawaii5O 01-26-2014 12:35 PM

Honestly I'm not up on wheeling in the sand. I would assume the tires would play the biggest part. Have you talked to the guys at Maui Off Road? I know they build a good amount of sand rigs.

Hawaii5O 01-26-2014 12:36 PM

I'm in a 91 YJ on a small lift and 33's. Looking to change the lift up.

damtareese 01-26-2014 12:42 PM

Nope, haven't checked out maui off road yet,I just heard they expensive, but they do have some nice rigs riding around the island, looks like I'll be spending some,$$&&&...dam, no getting around that

Hawaii5O 01-26-2014 01:20 PM

Everything is expensive here. Sucks!

damtareese 01-26-2014 01:34 PM

I'm born and raised here, so kind of used to it, hate it when all websites say free shipping, applies only to the lower 48...I bought a couple of bolt on parts from 4 wheel parts in waipahu, it's free shipping but delivery date is pending on when their container comes in, I got my air cleaner less than 2 weeks, but my exhaust took like 6 weeks, so it's hit n miss with them,

Hawaii5O 01-26-2014 01:58 PM

I bought some rear lower shock mounts there (they had them in stock) and I got charged a "freight fee". WTF?

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