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mikwingsfan 08-30-2009 08:26 AM

Hi From Michigan
Hi All,

I just got my 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sport 1 week ago and I love it.

much better than my old saturn!

I have an issue though. The other day I heard a clunk/knock noise while turning but only when on an incline or decline. I thought it might be a tie rod but it won't do it when normal turning on flat ground or when I just crank the wheel left to right.

Everything seems tight and well greased however I can kind of recreate the noise when I taken the steering stabilizer and and twist it back and forth.

could that be the issue or could it be something else?

someone please help, this is the Jeep of my dreams, I don't want it to die just after I get it!

thanks for your help in advance

jgano23 08-30-2009 08:47 AM

welcome to the forum

if you are able to recreate the noise with the steering stabilizer, then i would start there. you can get a new steering stabilizer for under $40 and they are easy to replace yourself. plus, if it is the stock stabilizer then it probably needs to be replaced anyway.

morphious 08-30-2009 09:42 AM

welcome and don't worry its always fixable. i would definitely replace the steering stabilizer and see were that gets u. not an expensive thing to try and it might save u from dw down the road just remember don't give up

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