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socalchef 10-24-2006 02:30 AM

8.8 ubolts, lecarra steering wheel, c02 regulator
8/8 ubolts from Deaver. Ran them for 4 or 5 trips then ditched the leaf springs. Just some surface rust on them, will wirebrush off without too much effort. $40 shipped

16.25" OD. I've got some adapter ring but not sure what it's for. Made by Lecarra. Real nice condition with nothing wrong with it, just ended up being too large in diameter for my buggy. $75 shipped

125 psi co2 regulator, local welding shop i bought it from said they haven't had any problems with this brand. got home and looked on the tank my gf's dad gave me and it had a regulator...that's what I get for ignoring it and leaving it on a shelf for so long :D They'd prolly take it back but I just filled my tank and could use a few bucks for something else right now $35 shipped.

I take the paypal

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