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ABSOLUTnie 09-10-2009 10:30 PM

Fiberglass Antenna Help
Does this antenna need to be grounded?*|*Vanco VAN400B

4FT CB Fiberglass Whip Antenna, 5/16" Inch Top Loaded, Black
Vanco VAN400B: #: 3141700
4FT CB Fiberglass Whip Antenna, 5/16" Inch Top Loaded, Black

Ive been having trouble with my cb (radio shack small one). Although, I'm pretty sure it's not the cb because I tested the Radio Shack cheapo then a Cobra 25. Apparently, my signal going out is pretty good and clear although I have trouble picking up a clear signal from the same distance.

I'm using an 18ft coax with this setup and my antenna is mounted to the rear bumper. I'm sure the plastic washer is in the right spot and that my coax cable is not pinched.

So basically, I'm sending out a clear signal but I can not receive a clear signal. I can make out what is being transmitted but it's not clear. There is lots of static.

I hope this is enough info and I hope I'm being clear. I'm new to the whole cb thing.

skeeter 09-11-2009 12:44 PM

Have you checked the SWR reading?
Have you considered that perhaps the radio you're receiving isn't performing very well?
That antenna shouldn't require any more grounding than you get with the mount.
Your receive problem is may be due to being mounted so low. You need at least a third of the antenna above the roof line for best results. The more the better.
Another issue may be the radios. The lower end radios don't use as much filtering to keep cost down so they tend to pic up more interference.

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