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sublimemaze 09-15-2009 10:47 PM

2 inch body lift questions
What all is involved in doing a 2 inch body lift the right way? I dont want to be having any issues with it. I know you have to move the raidioator/fan shroud, the transfer case shifter, and something about the steering mount or something? what is that steering mount? What other issues are there with a 2 inch body lift? any shifting issues ect? what changes? I know i would want those gap covers as well. And also, are new engine mounts needed to do a 2 inch body lift correctly? -Thanks

daanbc 09-16-2009 06:28 AM

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Most folks will tell you on this forum, that this is not the way to go for lifting. As for me, I do very little off roading now. But that may change in the future. I did a 2" about 6 months ago. Took me a total of 3-5 hours by myself. The steering is just a square tube fill-in. The rad-shroud is moved "was easy for me since I replaced the rad. with a new one at the same time". The shifter is just an extension bracket=very easy. Mine was an auto. On a standard you MAY have to extend the shifter rod. But that's not nessesary all the time. As for the dropping of the transfer case=no. On a 3'' or better yes. But I personnely would never do a 3" BL. 2" is the max I would do. Hope this answer's some questions for ya.

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