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amoujaffar 09-20-2009 08:58 AM

How to Secure Your console for $12.47
Good Morning Jeepers. When i bought my YJ i was annoyed that i had to pick the one without a center console. I stopped into a junk yard on the east side cleveland (very scary sometimes) just to see what they had for the future. (350's and what not...which btw was only 800$ out of a tahoe.) Anyway i was about to leave and there it was....... A beautiful 92 YJ completely stripped of its drivetrain, but body and frame in EXCellent condition :(

Well i picked up the center console off of it for $20 (i just sent back a stupid $70 dollar one from quadreratec) Took it home, cleaned it and started making plans. Considering at any time i could have an Ipod or 2 (300-500$) my work phone ($500), wallet ($3.42) and anything else of importance when im in some "not-so-nice" neighborhoods, i knew it had to be more secure.

I went to home depot and got a 3 foot long flat sheet metal (22 gauge i believe) rod ($4ish) . I also picked up a nifty door hinge style lock with the lock already attached (around $7)

I started by cutting the metal to the lenth of the side of the center console, by covering the opening lip between the console and the lid, it's damn hard to pry open without a whole lot of work. I cut and marked it for 4 holes evened out over it. Using self tapping screws i 1st put the screw in with the metal on the table (believe me wayyyy better then trying to do the console and metal at the same time) then put it up to the console, held it in place and drove it in. NOTE: if you can't push it in anymore and theres a gap back the screw off all the way again and then drill back in, this will close the gap).

I then placed the lock on the front, and with a slight bend, got it to push lock in, marked and drilled in. If you get the same lock as me trust me, if you're mounting on the front you must use the same position, the latch only moves 1 way. I even added 2 small pieces of the metal in front for less pry area.

For a final touch i needed to make sure that, since they are exposed, the screws could not come out. I probably should have used JB weld but i had a bottle of plastic weld next to me, so i mixed up a small batch and filled in the screw heads, when it dries you can't stick a screwdriver in it to back the screws out. (If you need to just drill out the screw with a drillbit.)

Finally, as a note, THIS WILL MAKE YOUR CENTER CONSOLE UGLIER haha, and it will be just a little harder opening and closing, but for the price and for safeguarding your stuff, you can't go wrong. Pics below. (The 2 screws on top are only there because the console's top covering was loose and I could care less about looks).

Thanks guys hope this helps, and I'm open to any comments and suggestions!

amoujaffar 09-20-2009 08:59 AM

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